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Setting Sail: Things to Bring on a Cruise

Packing for vacation is never easy and if you’re planning to set sail, make sure you have all the necessary things to bring on a cruise.

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Each year more than 20 million people around the world vacation by cruise. For those looking to relax while visiting exotic destinations, it can be an enjoyable travel experience.

Unlike most trips that involve visiting multiple places, cruises are convenient since you’ll remain in the same room for lodging. Because you’ll be spending most of your time away from land it’s essential to prepare with the right items.

Packing for any vacation is never easy and if you’re planning to set sail, make sure you have all the necessary things to bring on a cruise. Keep reading to learn more on how to properly pack for your next voyage at sea.

Important Documents

Before you set sail the first item on your checklist should be personal forms of identification. Specifically, a passport and driver’s license. There are options to book a cruise without a passport, such as closed-loop cruises, but at a minimum, you’ll need identification to step aboard any ship. 

Other documents like a birth certificate can suffice, just leave any original copies at home.

Outdoor Protection

Of course, your bathing suit will be one of the first items in your suitcase when packing for a cruise. Remember though of the time you’ll spend outside.  

It can be easy to forget items like sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat. Preparing ahead of time will save you from having to overpay for these items once you’re at sea. Don’t forget recovery aids either, such as aloe or aspirin.


As you decide what to wear on a cruise, be mindful of your feet throughout the voyage. You can expect your daily step count to increase since you’ll be ditching the car keys for walking. At minimum pack sandals, sneakers, and dress shoes.

On any given day you’ll likely be laying out in the sand and wearing formal attire to dinner, all while journeying around the ship to places like the gym or rock climbing wall. For example, cruises from Florida can set sail to anywhere adventure is found.

Essential Accessories

The excitement of a cruise can lead to smaller items accidentally slipping our mind. While you surely won’t forget your phone, remember to bring along a charger and a waterproof case. Portable chargers are practical for long days away from the ship.

When determining what to pack for a cruise, consider personal toiletry items and any medications you may not have access to at sea. 

Pack Responsibly

Traveling on a cruise is similar to boarding an airplane from a security standpoint. Remember that any checked luggage will be searched by X-ray. Research ahead of time to avoid packing items that are prohibited by your cruise line.

Items like alcohol and weapons are not allowed aboard a ship. Attempting to sneak on banned items is not worth the risk of jeopardizing your vacation.

Prioritizing Which Things To Bring On a Cruise

Cruising is a luxurious method of travel and creates memories. Packing the right items will ensure your voyage is a smooth success. When deciding on which things to bring on a cruise pack accordingly to your trip’s itinerary.

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