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Rambo:Last Blood [Review]


Rambo:  Last Blood is the fifth, and hopefully the last, in the Rambo series. I say hopefully because Sylvester Stallone is 71 years old now and getting too old for these parts event though he does them well and they are timeless with the current events of the time.

In the first Rambo, he played a returning Vietnam Vet suffering from PTSD who gets hunted down in the woods of his hometown by the local sheriff and his deputies. In the second Rambo he fought the entire Vietnam War and brought back some POW’s. In the third Rambo, he fought the Taliban in Afghanistan. In the fourth Rambo, he helped some missionaries get supplies through some communists in Central America. Now he is fighting off the Mexican Cartels.

Rambo is now retired and has a ranch where he raises horses and lives with his college-age niece and housekeeper. When his niece expresses a desire to go see her estranged father in Mexico, Rambo tells her no because he is an evil man and says. “I know how dark a man’s heart can get.”

She decides to go anyway and does see him but he really doesn’t want to have anything to do with her. She goes to a local bar where she is drugged and kidnapped and forced into a prostitution ring run by some of the smarmiest, sleazy Mexican back alley bad guys you would want to know.

Rambo seeks out her father and asks him where she is. When he replies that he doesn’t know, Rambo doesn’t believe him and strong arms him until he caves and tells him a name to check, “I should have broken your neck ten years ago,” Rambo says angrily at him tossing him down.

He eventually comes across them and they beat him to a bloody pulp and leave him in the street where he is helped back to health by a woman whose sister was taken by the same group. Rambo goes back beating the guards with a hammer blood splattering everywhere as he tells the girls to leave and finds his niece and brings her back in his truck only to have her die in  his cab.

It is then we see the old Rambo come out for revenge as he rigs his whole ranch  with all kinds of military gimmicks turning it into a super arsenal of weapons from explosives, spikes that come out of the ground, shooting his bow and arrows loaded with explosives and several other violent surprises that make you cheer  him on. I thought this was reminiscent of the first Rambo when he was in the woods and was turning the trees into tactical weapons from his Vietnam jungle fighting.

It is interesting seeing a quick view of the wall with the old wall and the new one being built.

The final scene where he confronts the leader of the gang who originally took his niece is quite intense and without giving anything away let’s just say it is “cutting edge.”

The closing credits are nice to see showing slow-motion clips from his past Rambo films.

Check out the exciting trailer here.



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