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How To Clean Your Office Carpet?

A carpet makes your office imposing by creating a look that connotes your brand you are striving to promote. The office carpet is among the best flooring options thanks to its attribute to acoustic proprieties – it can absorb and make the sound better in the office set up. Besides, the carpet can create a positive impression of your customers/clients.

Carpets in your office become dirty because of continuous use, spillage of dirt and debris. All this makes the carpet look shabby. Therefore, it is important to get the carpet cleaned regularly.

Cleaning the office carpet

There are diverse methods to make the office carpet clean. Yet, each of the methods may not be suitable. Therefore, it’s better to know how such methods work. This will help choose the best one for your office. The following methods might be useful.

Shampooing the carpet

Carpet shampooing is one of the most effective and easy methods. The shampoo is poured on the surface of the carpet and foam is made. The foam absorbs all the dirt that occurs on the carpet. Once the shampoo absorbs all the dirt, the carpet is left alone for 30 to 40 minutes so that the carpet becomes dry. Now the shampoo is brittle and can be removed easily from the carpet fiber.

If the carpet is still dirty, it can be cleaned by vacuum cleaning. Shampooing is a cost-effective method and is very popular in Singapore.


Foaming of carpet involves using a brush that rotates and uses a large amount of shampoo. The shampoo is spread on the carpet and rich foam is foam. The foam is left for close 90 minutes.

The dirt is removed by vacuuming. It is important to note that foaming does not get rid of all the shampoo that was used for cleaning. Therefore, steam cleaning a more effective method is suggested.

Steam cleaning

Also known as hot water extraction, steam cleaning involves deep cleaning. It is an effective method of cleaning the office carpet.

Carpet steam cleaning removes the maximum proportion of dirt, bacteria, etc., on the carpet.

Using steam method when cleaning the carpet, it’s possible to clean even the lowest part of the carpet. Thus, this method is effective in cleaning even stubborn stains and smudges on the floor.

Steam cleaning does not involve real steam. It uses hot water. The temperature of the hot water ranges between 150 F to 200 F.

The process involves thus: hot water at high pressure is spayed on the office carpet. The water sprayed enables to loosening the dirt. The high pressure removes the dirt. A vacuum cleaner is used to suck the dirt and is stored in a tank.

Steam cleaning is the best method for cleaning your office carpet. Not only does it clean up the dirt but eliminate as well the harmful germs including bacteria, fungi, dust mites, and the like. Thus, the carpet is safe for the health of all – the office staff members, visitors, customers and so on.

Note that steam cleaning can only be handled by professionals. Therefore, look for a professional service. There are many such services in Singapore. Choose one according to time you can devote for the purpose and budget.

Avoid using steam cleaning if you are planning to get it cleaned dry within a short period. This is because it is likely to one hour to become dry.

Further, your office carpet is likely to come into contact with synthetic chemicals harmful. If you’re concerned about this, avoid the method.

Using dry cleaning powder

It involves using a dry cleaning powder. It does not use water to clean the carpet. The dry powder is a good absorbent and is made from a solvent, detergent, and water.

The method involves thus: the powder is sprinkled on the surface of the carpet to make a thin layer. To make evenly spread on the surface, a rotating machine is used.

Following this, using a vacuum cleaner, the powder spread on the surface, and dirt is removed. This method is quite popular in Singapore as it does not involve using any water.


The office carpet makes a strong first impression on your clients/customers, vendors, investors and all the stakeholders. Therefore, you should take care of it by undertaking scheduled cleaning. This will keep the office setup stylish and refreshing apart from averting the harmful effects of unclean carpets on the health of all. Check out for quality service providers Singapore as per your need.

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