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How to avoid copyright infringement

Copyright is a common type of legal property protection. Copyright typically extends beyond books, videos, photos, songs, pictures, painting, podcasts or even software. Yet, there are cases when you can use or play a part of someone else’s work legally and avoid copyright infringement. In this article, you will come across a detailed analysis of laws associated with this topic, as well as find out how to cite a piece of work and avoid copyright infringement.

What is copyright infringement?

Copyright infringement is the illegal usage of works protected by copyright laws. In such a way, a person infringes exclusive rights which are only granted to the copyright holder.

What are the most common examples of copyright infringement?

The most well-known examples include:

  • Copying books, podcasts or blogs without permission
  • Downloading videos or songs without proper payment
  • Creating software code without giving credit to its original creator
  • Recording films at the movie theater
  • Using photos taken by others and without asking for their permission
  • Any copying activity you do without the permission of its author

How to use someone else’s original work without violating copyright laws?

If you want to cite, play or use a piece of work that has not been created by you, be cautious. Even if you come across an article, a blog post or a podcast that does not contain a copyright symbol, it does not mean that you can use it freely. If you do not know how to use such piece without violating copyright laws, study the issue and find out as much information as possible. In the majority of cases, you will need to pay a fee or provide proper attribution to the author. The most useful tip is to look for fair use whenever you need to include someone else’s original work.

What about academic writing?

When you are working on an academic writing task the topic of which calls for a profound research study, make certain you keep a list of the resources and materials you have used. You will most likely quote someone else’s work when dwelling upon the theoretical background for your paper, so you need to mention every single book article, video and any other resource you have used in the bibliography page. In case you do not have a lot of time to work on your task and decide to buy thesis paper, make sure the service you choose is reliable. It is really easy to come across sample thesis papers online. However, you need to be 100% sure the agency you address your request to provides its customers with original papers written from scratch. In case you have never used a service to buy thesis online, check out such resource as and you will see that it is possible to buy thesis sample on the internet and be provided with original work. What is more, you need to make certain a company you want to buy thesis papers from provides its customers with a plagiarism-free guarantee. This way, you will know that the service you want to buy thesis samples from has checked your order for plagiarism before delivering it to you. All in all, it is advisable to avoid companies that offer clients the option to buy thesis paper at a very low price. They will most definitely deliver a plagiarized paper that has been downloaded from an essay bank. If you need to buy thesis paper, choose a service that can be trusted.


Taking everything into consideration, you should always familiarize yourself with copyright laws before you decide to use or cite a piece of someone else’s work. It is possible to do that without copyright infringement. The only thing you need to do is learn about the terms of conditions of using someone’s original work and proceed with either paying a fee or providing a proper attribution to the author of the work in question.

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