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How Do I Find Information On a Specific Inmate?

Searching for one particular inmate can be a major process, especially in states like Ohio. In the state of Ohio, between juvenile detention centers and maximum security prisons nearly 80,000 people are behind bars. Although this is well below the national average, it is still pretty high for one state. So, how do you track down one, single person?

You have several options when it comes to searching for an inmate, however, the legitimacy of the website you choose can largely impact your results. Many websites are not kept entirely up-to-date, nor do they offer adequate or accurate information.

In some cases, the “search” site is unsecured. An unsecured site means that your private information is unprotected and can be seen by third-party viewers, putting it at risk of falling into the wrong hands. Additionally, by using searching websites specific to the state, you may be provided with just the inmate’s location and not much else.

Usually, if you’ve found a bona fide information lookup site, you’ll have to shell out a few dollars. Not only are you likely to find significantly more information on the individual in question than if you were to use a free source, but you’re also protecting yourself from online scammers or hackers for a reasonable price. The search only takes a few moments, and after scanning over federal records, identifying possible matches based on age and gender, and reviewing the inmate’s personal address and contact history, you should have exactly what you’re looking for.

Of course, as with many things, there are exceptions to the rule. For instance, if a record has been sealed, meaning that the record still exists but it is secured, then only a handful of people have viewing access. Another situation in which a person’s record is unsearchable is in that of a juvenile offender. Many crimes committed by minors are automatically sealed, however, if the offender committed a crime such as aggravated murder or rape, those records would indeed be open to the public. As for the sealed record of an adult, the same rules generally apply. There are more entities who have access to viewing the sealed record, but this typically shouldn’t have an impact on employment or housing prospects in the future, as employers and landlords usually don’t have viewing privileges.

Even if the person you’re looking for is no longer an inmate in the state you believed them to be, by using a legitimate search website, you will already have access to other types of offender registries, without needing to use multiple sites to complete your search.

You may find yourself privy to information beyond discovering the location of an individual during your Ohio inmate search. Resources like this can open you up to someone’s entire criminal history, the history of their previous addresses, or even the secret social media accounts they’ve been careful to keep hidden and beyond. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to ease your mind. Everything you’ve been wondering and may need to know about a person in your life can be uncovered from the comfort of your home and without the time and expense of hiring a Private Investigator.

In most cases, the public has access to information about inmates, be it where they are currently held, the crime they committed, or how long their sentence is. Using quality sites, like Go Look Up can also offer key insight into essential background information. If you’re looking for information about a friend, a relative, or acquaintance, online resources are the way to go.

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