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Find out what kind of Pokemon Are You with this Quiz

April Fool’s Day in 1997 will always be remembered. It was the day our Pokemon friends were born at least in anime on TV. Pokemon a mashup of pocket and monster, made anime pretty mainstream in the US and captured the hearts of you and not so young with their cute faces and intense action scenes. These days it’s all about Pokemon Go but if you can catch them you better know how to name them too. MagiQuiz has put together a FUN Pokemon quiz so you can find out what kind of Pokemon are you!

When you take this quiz you will uncover more than just your cute pocket-monster persona. You may find out more about your personality, goals, and dreams. In this article, we don’t have room to go through all 807 species (yeah, we counted) but let’s touch on the main ones so you can get to know these cute critters on a deeper level.

Meet some of the Pokemon

Bulbasaur – Watch out for this seemingly cuddly guy. He looks sweet until he delivers some poison. You may relate if you love soaking up the sun more than you enjoy snacks. You also may notice some of his less friendly qualities amongst your former friends.

Charmander – Who doesn’t love this fun guy and the cute way he says his name. If you enjoy hot spots or playing with fire you and Charmander might be twins. Charmander is a firey pokemon unlike his friend Squirtle who is all about the water. If you are a champion swimmer chances are you and this water-loving friend could relate.

Pikachu is probably the most well-known and loved Pokemon. This yellow guy is a Mouse Pokemon who’s hidden ability is lightening. If you are a Pikachu, people will find you electric and charismatic especially when surrounded by like-minded people.

Who doesn’t love a Jigglypuff? No not a donut but a cute balloon Pokemon. These sweet little guys use their charm to get what they want. If you are like a Jigglypuff you may be sweet but you have a manipulative edge. You are used to getting what you want when you want it.

Lovely and blue Lapras glides elegantly over the water. He enjoys being able to absorb water and take people where they need to go. They are known for their gentle souls and the ability to read minds. Sadly these type of Pokemons is dwindling as their kind hearts also means they don’t like to fight. If you love to give people rides, splash and play at the beach, and your friends would all describe you as a sweetheart, chances are you’re a Lapras.

Chansey – cute, pink, and cuddly? If this sounds like you and you only love happy time and despise bad vibes you may be a Chansey. Do your friends always come to you for a good word, some encouragement, or even some healing? If so enjoy being this lovable.

Let’s Go Deeper

Now as mentioned this quiz isn’t just about Pokemon. MagiQuiz is known for delving deep I mean really deep to get to who you are at the core. To find out what kind of Pokemon are you and what type of friend, romantic partner, even what your special gifts are.

Here is how they do it. By asking you thought-provoking and introspective questions that reveal your true inner self or in this case inner Pokemon. Some of these questions may seem more obvious like asking which element you connect to or superpower you wish you had. Others are more elusive like what your flirting style is and what items are important to you.


There are hundreds of Pokemons and so many different character traits. When you take this quiz and find out what kind of Pokemon you are you may also discover your inner self. Don’t take my word for it. Jump on over to MagiQuiz and answer those questions yourself. Then make sure to share with your friends or partner. You may think you have married a sweet loving Chancey or Lapras when deep down they are nothing more than a poisonous Bulbasaur. Wondering who your friends really are? Take the quiz with them and find out now.

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