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Everything You Should Know About Parental Control System on Child’s Phone

Parental controls enable parents to restrict access of content to children. The mobile phone parental control system allows parents to supervise the digital behavior of offspring. The software for monitoring and parental control empowers parents to monitor chats, social media apps, internet use and more. This article provides complete information about mobile phone parental control software and how it can be used to keep kids under surveillance. Read more about the best features of the parental control apps.

Mobile Phone Parental Control App

The cell phone tracking and parental control software empowers parents to safeguard their offspring from the potential dangers of mobile phones and the internet. The most common online threats such as cyberbullying and child predation can be combated with the help of parental control app. The high-tech cell phone monitoring and parental control app like TheOneSpy enables parents to monitor almost every single activity performed on the android phone of kids. Read on to know how this cell phone tracker app lets you keep your kids’ digital devices under supervision.

Core Features of Parental Control Software

The parental control app offers a wide range of features letting users to monitor and control the targeted cell phone without physical access. We have rounded up here core features of the spyware software to help you understand the usefulness of the software.

Monitor Social Media

The social media apps can be monitored with the help of parental control system. The app gets access to data relevant to social networking apps and uploads to the web portal of the spy software. The monitoring app allows tracking Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp and many social media and instant messaging apps.

Monitor Messages

The messages received and sent by your children via monitored cell phones can be read right from the web portal of the spy software. The high-tech monitoring app allows retrieving deleted messages. The contact information of message senders and receivers can also be accessed.

Monitor Phone Calls

The phone calls received and made by your children can be listened right from the online control panel of the spy software. The parental control software records phone calls and syncs call logs to provide detail of every incoming and outgoing call. The high-tech spy apps also allow blocking incoming calls from unwanted contacts.

Track GPS Location

The current GPS location of children can be found out with the help of parental control system. The app syncs GPS location and provides detail of locations covered. The spyware software also offers geo-fencing to mark several locations and to get alarms on arrival and departure of kids from marked locations.

Monitor Contacts

The parental control software grants access to Phonebook. Parents can review every contact and manage the contact list with addition and removal of contacts via web portal of the monitoring software.

Monitor Media Files

The spyware app for android mobile phones lets you see what your kids have stored on their phones. The app allows tracking photos, videos and voice recordings by creating online backup of media files. It also allows retrieving deleted media files.

Screen Recording/Screenshots

The cell phone monitoring and parental control app lets you capture screen of the targeted android phone. It let you see whatever appears on the targeted phone. A single command sent via online portal makes the monitored android device initiate screen recording or screenshots. It allows capturing real-time cell phone activities.

Monitor Browsing History

The internet browsing history of the monitored phone can be accessed with the help of the android spy software. The spyware app also syncs bookmarks to let you know which websites are frequently visited by your children.

Record Keystrokes

The android spyware software allows recording keystrokes put to the targeted device. It includes keystrokes of usernames, passwords, messenger chat and email addresses. Parents can use these keystrokes to closely watch out the online and social media accounts of workers.

Remote Control Apps

The applications installed on the targeted phone can be controlled without taking the targeted phone into access. You can block, unblock or uninstall age-inappropriate apps related to social media, games and other categories.

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