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Company Culture: How to Make It Work for You?

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Looking for a job, trying to fit at a new workplace — this is something every person has to deal with. Still, this can be a real struggle. It is especially the case for students who have just graduated from college and are trying to find their first job after studying.

While in college, you also must have lots of stress because of the overload with assignments and tasks to prepare. However, there are many ways to ease one’s life there. You can delegate the essays to some credible company, like or hire a tutor, for instance.

However, there are no tutors in real-life. So, how to make sure a person will fit in the company? How to choose the best place to work in? These questions are as complicated as they are important, and it is a must to pay attention to the issue of fitting in. 

Company culture is an integral part of every workplace which sometimes gets overlooked. What is it? Why is it important? How to make company culture work? Let’s find out.

What Is a Company Culture

Company culture is a broad term that includes lots of essential elements. Think about the company’s mission, values, and goals. Even something as mundane as the working schedule!

There are different types of company culture. For example, the company culture can put a team in the first place and emphasize its importance. 

There is also horizontal company culture, which is all about equality and sticking to the notion that everybody’s opinion matters. Small startups widely use this type of company culture.

There are also clan, traditional hierarchy culture, elite corporate culture. All of these types are different, and sometimes these variations can be quite drastic. If so, it is crucial to study every company of interest to determine the culture and decide whether it is a good fit.

Why Company Culture Is Important

It does not matter what the place of work is. Company culture matters anywhere — starting with a small startup and ending with large entities, like Apple or Amazon.

Moreover, company culture is equally important both for employees and employers. In fact, entities with a strong culture are more profitable, so lots of attention is paid to this issue in reputable teams all over the world.

When it comes to employees, working in a company that fits them culturally will be more productive. They will feel more safe, happy, and, therefore, will achieve greater results more efficiently. 

How to Make Company Culture Work

The very first step is to choose a company with a decent corporate culture that will speak to you. So, while job hunting, it is crucial to gather as much information as possible about the entity. Also, it is important to ask questions during the interview. Let’s elaborate a bit. 

Read It Up

While looking for a job, it is essential to conduct as thorough research as possible. You can consider it as another college assignment. But the task here is to gather crucial info about a company you apply to. After all, you define your future with this important career choice.

The company’s website and social media can serve as a great starting point to study the company culture. But it is important to go beyond it. For example, consider connecting with current employees via LinkedIn and asking them questions about the inner life of the entity.

Ask the Right Questions

Let’s say, you made it to the job interview. It is a great place and time to learn even more about the company culture. If so, it is vital to ask relevant questions.

It can be hard to come up with the right questions about the company culture. But here are the good news: even something as simple as What is your company culture?” will do.

After, it is possible to elaborate and ask more targeted questions. For example, what is a working schedule? Are the working hours flexible? Is there an opportunity to study something new and develop other skills while working? What about team building activities or Friday evening events?

All of these questions describe particular elements of the company culture. If so, it is a good idea to prepare the list ahead of the job interview.

Final Words

The company culture is surely something worth paying attention to while job hunting. It is especially crucial for recent college students who have just finished studying and are looking for their first job.

Determining the company culture and making it work can be challenging. But, in the long run, it can be boiled down to thorough research and asking the right questions beforehand. It will help to choose the right workplace and ensure that you will fit in culturally.

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