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Benchmark: The Best Book to Learn Business

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English is a world-recognized language that is used in different spheres: science, academia, business. Thus, it is crucial to master specific language-related skills for a professional in any field.

All college students have to be proficient in academic English to write various papers. Students, whose major is science, have to familiarize themselves with specific vocabulary. The same rule applies to college students who have chosen business as a major.

The never-ending tasks may seem overwhelming, especially if you do your best trying to strike a balance between getting a degree and a part-time job. Luckily, there are helpful resources that can be turned to — for example, – the platform that has been created specifically to assist in paper writing. There are also lots of online courses and various books helpful in mastering the language. 

One of the best books to learn the business language is Business Benchmark. What is it? Who is it for? How to use it to study effectively? Let’s find out.

What Is Business Benchmark

Business Benchmark is a generic term that encompasses a three-level Business English course. It is created by Cambridge English — one of the leading English Language Teaching publishers. 

Cambridge English develops various educational materials both for students and teachers. These resources can be found on different platforms and media channels like paper books, mobile apps, online resources.

Who Is Business Benchmark Created for

Business Benchmark can be used by different groups of students and for various studying purposes. For example:

There are three separate exams that students can take to ensure they have top-notch business English skills. First is B1 Business Preliminary which covers the basics of business English.

It is followed by B2 Business Vantage, which will be beneficial for people who apply for a new job or want to develop a career. 

Ultimately, there is the C1 Business Higher. It covers language skills that can be used in a senior business setting.

  • Students can apply lots of materials from the Business Benchmark while studying general Business English courses.

While Business Benchmark is a great exam preparatory tool, it does not serve this purpose solely. Learners can also turn to it to become the best in many other general courses. 

The Structure of Business Benchmark

The business Benchmark book consists of twenty-four units. Each of them is dedicated to critical English language skills, namely vocabulary, writing, listening, reading, and grammar.

Also, there are specific sections, designed for students who are preparing for exams. Those learners who are not ready to take any test, but want to master Business English skills anyway, can simply skip these sections. 

Instead, they can focus on other parts of the book to master vocabulary, reading, and grammar skills. 

However, the Business Benchmark does not only teach Business English. This book also familiarizes students with real companies and helps them understand the culture of different entities in English-speaking countries.

For instance, one of the Business Benchmark sections covers corporate culture. This section consists of different exercises which train various language skills. Moreover, students can learn about the concept in general.

Thus, the Business Benchmark is a great learning tool that goes beyond regular studying. It also provides students with practical skills and knowledge of real business culture in English-speaking countries.

Learning Business with Business Benchmark: Effective Techniques

While the Business Benchmark is a well-developed learning tool, it is important to follow a few effective techniques. In this way, students will be able to see positive learning outcomes much faster.

Here are some useful studying tips:

  • Study regularly and consistently. Try to dedicate at least 20 minutes a day to master some Business English skills.
  • Make sure to pay attention to different skills and try to cover them all. Listening skills, ability to talk Business English and prepare/read essential documents — all of it will be invaluable in a real corporate setting.
  • Try to practice new-gained Business English skills as often as possible. It may be a good idea to study with a friend and practice English together.

Final Words

The Business Benchmark is a powerful learning tool for everyone whose goal is to master Business English. It is particularly helpful for college students with major in business but can be used by everyone who wants to hone their language skills.

Still, it is important to study regularly, make sure to dedicate enough time for learning and be consistent. In this way, studying with the Business Benchmark will be the most effective.

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