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Avoid These Mistakes If You are Doing Guest Posting

  1. Bad SEO

What is SEO?

SEO is search engine optimization which is a process in which a website increases its traffic by representing its quality of content on the web search engine to the users.

Why SEO is important in guest posting?

When it comes about SEO people usually make a lot of mistakes, being unaware of the value of SEO in guest posting. It is important to write a quality of content but without SEO that content will have no value. So every time when you write content or an article you should keep in mind to use SEO friendly key words, so that it helps you in getting traffic at SEO easily.

What are SEO friendly key words?

The words of particular content which are mostly searched by the people in the search engine is called SEO friendly key words. And those keywords will help you to be at the first page of search engine if you use those keywords carefully.

2. Tough to understand language

What if when you read an article, you come across through many complicated words?

You will take a lot of time to understand that content right?

So what people expect from the bloggers?

I will explain this with a small example; if you give an English book of 10th class to a child studying in 3rd class then the child will find some difficulty understanding the English words in it, in the similar way most people are unaware of difficult vocabulary used in English language, so to ensure that everyone understands the content you should make sure that the language you are using should written in easy and simple words so that no one face difficulty in reading the content. Another example would be to use niche curated links in non tech blogs. Most bloggers are not aware with complex terms.

3. Connect with unfamiliar blogs

Have you ever think about the fact that when we want a fruit we go to the fruit shop not to the flower shop, because we already know that we can’t get fruits in the flower shop.

But now assume that, a shopkeeper is selling fruit in the flower shop, it will look odd right?

And will there be any profit to the shopkeeper?

Probably no, because the people who want flowers will come to the shop not the one who want fruits, but there may be a chance that the person who came to buy flowers want fruits too, but that is the most exceptional case.

Similarly in guest blogging most people link with those websites with which their content even doesn’t match properly.

There may be cases that people will like to read an odd article on the page but there are high chances that people will hate the fact that in a page of medical science they get an article on sports.

It will not only decrease the value of the website but also will be huge loss for the blogger.

So it is highly recommended to connect your content with those websites which have similarity with your article.

That will help both the blogger and the website on which he is posting the article.

4. Random titles

When we talk about title of an article, then it plays a major role in guest posting, but how?

Let’s take an example what if the orphanage is renamed by the owner as “children without parents” will you like this type of name?

I don’t know about you, but I will never like this type of name of an orphanage.

That name even doesn’t have any respect for the children’s, those words are really offending.

Similar case may appear if you choose some random title for your article. Title play key part in the content because if you observe many people including yourself we are very much particular about what the title of the content matching our needs.

Like if we want an article on how to lose weight?

Then we will only search for the tiles in search engine related to losing weight.

So do make sure that your title of the article is a little bit catchy and short, to make people open the website, rather than switching to other websites.

5. Non user friendly

What will happen if the reliance company stop giving proper services and does not respond to customer in the need of help?

Yes, you can imagine the impact.

If the reliance company will stop responding to their customer problem, then eventually the growth of the company will decrease, because people will have an impact on their mind that they don’t help them then what is the use being connected to it.

The similar situation may even happen in guest posting, after your article is posted on the authority website you need to make sure that you are active, because there will be many people who want to get connected to you, there will be many who wanted to give you compliment, so it’s your responsibility to respond to them.

If you will be not active then the consequence will be very simple that your growth will eventually decrease.

Hope that you all will not do these mistakes, while doing guest posting.

Ronald R. Hailey is a content manager for Degions, hailing from Aurora. He loves to writing about blogging, IoT and other hot marketing trends. When he finds the time to detach from his keyboard, he enjoys his Kindle library and a hot coffee.

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