Anti-American Rashida Tlaib Says America Needs a ‘Revolution’ – Wrong, America Needs a Revolution Against People Like Tlaib

(True Conservative Pundit) Recently it was reported that Rashida said that America needs a revolution, that:

“We have to make the tough, courageous changes that completely transform a political and economic system that is now built for corporations (and profits), not people.

Choosing the status quo means doing nothing and giving up.”

While I agree the “system” could use some changes, it does not need to be changed in the way Tlaib says it does.  Tlaib’s changes would be self-serving and dangerous.  Tlaib herself is a danger to America and We the People.  Responses on Twitter to Rashida’s idiotic ideas was about what one would expect:

“The only political revolution America needs is to get rid of you and many other traitors in the halls of our government.”


“Completely? No, not the way you’re wanting change. To overhaul the entire system would be devastating. Pretty obvious you want to destoy this nation.”


Yes, destroy it so that socialism can be the savior of America, and then the One World government can be ushered in.

“Without profit, Americans would be reduced to slave labor. Workers must be compensated for their work.

Socialism is not answer, Capitalism is.

Political revolutions lead to civl war and death, which is something we don’t need.”

Well said.

“No, we need America to stay America”

To that I can only say – Amen!

I recently said that, America is for Americans – either love it, or leave it, and this writer is here to tell you – Rashida Tlaib and her sisters in “The Squad” – are not Americans!  They are traitors to this great country and they need to be removed from office.


According to Breitbart, Tlaib once again rolled out the race card and the Muslim card while attacking Trump.  Anyone who dares to disagree with Rashida or the other clowns in “The Squad” is automatically treated to this kind of nonsense.

“Tlaib wrote the tweet in reference to a June interview she gave to Next Left. The Michigan lawmaker talked about how she and her fellow ‘Squad’ members are ‘pretty new’ to the political arena as women of color and argued that they are ‘easy targets because people easily will fear us if they just tell people, Be scared.’

‘She’s Palestinian, you should be scared. She’s also Muslim. Be scared,’ but it’s because you know the, the GOP, the individual one in the White House, is feeding into hate because that’s all they have right now,’ she said, placing the blame squarely on President Trump.”

Tlaib also claims that Trump is afraid of women of color, and is afraid of “The Squad,” because they have answers, a “real agenda for the American people,” she said.

Here are some of Rashida Tlaib’s so-called answers:

Here is what I do not understand: how can anyone, regardless of Party, think these policies are capable of being effective, and/or good for America?  How is that possible, how can anyone be this stupid?  And these people are running our country?  Now that is something we all should be scared of.

An $18 to $20 dollar an hour minimum wage – who is going to pay for that?  You the American consumer are.  Are we to believe that (no disrespect intended, I worked in this industry for 11 years) fast food workers should be paid $18.00 dollars an hour?  What do you suppose a hamburger would then cost?  $10.00 bucks instead of $5.00?  How many jobs would be lost?  Did you think about any of this Rashida???

Medicare for all – how is this going to be paid for?  Answer, on the backs of you the American taxpayer.

The final cost estimates for Obamacare, which passed in 2010, came in around $940 billion over a decade.”  Now consider this: Bernie Sanders (who also supports Medicare for all), stated that this particular government freebie could cost up to $40 trillion over a ten-year period.  Let me state that again: Obamacare, 940 million over a ten-year period.  Medicare for all, 40 trillion over a ten-year period.  There is no way even the huge economy of America can or could support that kind of economic layout.  Keep in mind, the entire U.S. national debt is currently around $20 trillion, Medicare for all would cost double that for only ten years!  What fool(s) thinks that is a viable solution?  Answer – Rashida Tlaib and the other members of “The Squad.”

Yes, by all means, lets abolish ICE (U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement) so that rapists, drug dealers, killers and other criminals have an easier time of running free inside the U.S.  Lets also abolish the U.S. border patrol, heck, why bother with attempting to keep We the People safe – to hell with the people.  That is the sentiment of Tlaib and her anti-American Democrat buddies who want there to be no more walls built.  After all, anyone who desires to come here should be allowed to right?  Wrong.  Again – who is going to pay for that (them)?

Socialism – I and many others have harped on this repeatedly, and for good reason.

Socialism – Does.  Not.  Work.

There has never been even one instance where socialism worked, not one!  Even if you set aside all the inner workings of socialism, there is yet one thing that will always guarantee its failure:

After socialism rears its ugly head, and its many unreasonable and idiotic tenets are faithfully applied – one tenet will doom it to fail, and that is wealth redistribution.  Tlaib hinted at this tenant in her tweet – “We have to make the tough, courageous changes that completely transform a political and economic system that is now built for corporations (and profits), not people.

In other words, all the wealth needs to be taken, and redistributed amongst all “the people.”  Here is the problem with this thinking:

Once you take away everyone’s wealth, by force if necessary – and it is redistributed – then where does the “system” gain additional wealth to distribute to all?  There is no longer any motive to work hard, because hard work will never get you anywhere.  There is no longer any incentive to be exceptional, no incentive to be inventive and creative, or to problem solve, and no reason to work hard – because the state then not only takes everything, but the almighty state also takes all the credit for anything anyone does.  Individuality is strongly discouraged, it’s all about communal sharing and living.  Except that this is also a lie – because those on top are living high on the hog while a great majority of the people are still suffering, often in deep poverty and having to deal with violence, roving gangs, and even killing.  Just look at Maduro in Venezuela, Maduro sits in the lap of luxury with his millions, while his people cannot find enough to eat.

Rashida Tlaib and her fellow sisters of “The Squad” support Islam, and those who are enemies of America, such as CAIR.  Ironically enough – if Islam were to be the rule of law (Sharia Law) throughout America, Tlaib and Omar would be in deep trouble, and would be soundly punished if not killed for their actions.  Women running around loose in Islam is not allowed.

In Islam:

  • Women are basically property
  • Men are allowed to beat their wives for “infractions”
  • Men are allowed to kill their wives and daughters for dishonoring Islam
  • Women are not allowed to go anywhere without a male
  • Female genital mutilation (so women cannot enjoy sex) is widely practiced
  • Islam commands the murder of Jews and Christians
  • Leaving Islam is cause for death

Read my article on Islam as compared to Christianity, it’s an eye opener.  Please keep in mind the things I have stated here concerning Islam, come right out of their own holy books!

As for Rashida Tlaib and her Squad cohorts, they need to focus on what is good for America, not for themselves.  President Trump has done more good for this nation than these fools have even thought of doing.

Rashida Tlaib and the other Democrats like to say Trump and the GOP have done nothing, well if nothing includes:

  • Building sections of the wall
  • Improving the economy
  • Rolling back Obama regulations that were unfairly strangling business
  • Increasing oil production and using coal (which is not dirty with today’s tech.)
  • Standing up for America
  • Making other NATO nations pay their fair share
  • Instigating dialogue with North Korea
  • Making trade more fair
  • Lowering taxes thereby increasing economic investments and jobs
  • Returning American manufacturing jobs to America
  • Putting #AmericaFirst

So yes, if the above is “doing nothing,” or simply minding the “status quo,” then yes, Trump and the GOP have done nothing.  What precisely has Rashida Tlaib, Omar, AOC, and the other Democrats accomplished that benefits the U.S.?  NOTHING – unless you count running your mouth off, inciting violence, blocking useful legislation, vote tampering, criminally interfering in a presidential election, and causing strife and division with their caustic and lying commentary – then yes, the Dems have accomplished much.

Wake up America, and vote these Democratic anti-American fascist socialists out of power – before they vote you out of your very God-given rights!

H/T Joe Newby – Conservative Firing Line

Image Credit: Thomas McCraw Twitter screenshot


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