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A Guide to Unpack and Organize Your Home After You Move

Congratulations on your successful move in your dream home! Most of the people consider moving is a battle but they forget about unpacking and organizing a new home. But the real battle starts here. To start with it, first of all, figure out the time you will take to open your boxes. Keep in mind that Rome was not built in a day therefore, organizing your home also requires time.

To ensure you have a smooth unpacking and organizing experience, we have come up with a list of tips:

Start with the nursery and children’s bedroom

First of all, you should unpack the nursery and children’s bedroom items. When you are parents of a small baby then it is urgent. By starting setting the kid’s room first, you will be able to give them a safe space where they can rest with comfort. On the other hand, if you have a new-born, set the nursery essential furnishing.

You get great aid from the best moving companies as they reassemble the bed and other furniture items for you on the moving day itself and these 6 great tips might also help:

  • Make the best using clean sheets and pillows.
  • Look for a drawer to keep your baby’s toys and other baby supplies.
  • Segregate children’s clothes and put them in different drawers so whenever you need these, you can access with ease.
  • You can also use closet hangers to keep your clothing items organized.
  • Remember that don’t hurry to decorate. Such items can wait until you get settled.
  • Keep a few days of clothes out and accessible while you organize the room

Kids room would not take much time so don’t worry you can do this task just a few hours and can organize your baby’s room.

Organize all the electrics

If you jump on any another task before electric, it can mess the entire task. So, be organized and specified in whatever you are doing.

Use a drawer or a basket to store cords and other electric items that you are not using currently. Wrap them securely before putting them into the drawer.

In case there are a lot of cords lying around in the particular area it is important that you make use of a cord control kit. This kit can hold multiple cords in one place. It also includes color-coded labels making it easy to use as well.

Have a linen closet

Find a closet in your house that is perfect to store items like handtowels, bath towels, bed sheets and beach towels. This should be done on the very first day after your move. It will make your unpacking easier. Apart from toiletries and clothes, this is also the basic necessity for the first week of the home.  

You can consider washing your bed sheets and towels before using. After washing, place these towels into the closet for use.


Without any doubt, the kitchen is also one of the most important rooms that you have to unpack on a primary basis. If you don’t have a nursery or child room then the kitchen should be at number one in your list. Start from the kitchen and then move on other rooms. Unpack all kitchen items at first and then designate separate drawers to all these items. Keep essential and daily use items in the easily accessible drawers.

These are a few tips that will help unpack and organize your items after you move into a new home.

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