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7 Great Websites for Teen Writers

For many writers, there is a struggle to find a community to belong to. This is especially true of those who are young. Thankfully, there are many websites for young writers to provide that sense of belonging and to help when you get stuck in a rough patch. And we’re not just talking about a professional to help you with your essay. There are teen writing websites that can help to transform your talent and build your way up until you’re where you want to be.

If You…Try…
Love PoetryTeen Ink
Prefer NonfictionOne Teen Story
Want FeedbackReddit
Want to be PublishedNaNoWriMo
Want to Publish YourselfWattpad

Teen Ink

Surprisingly, Teen Ink has been the choice of teenage writers for a quarter of a century. While in your parents’ time they were a magazine, now they’ve developed into a website for teenage writers, photographers, and other artists. The magazine still gets printed, but you can find more interaction on the internet. Poets might take a particular interest in this since most sites don’t have dedicated communities devoted to poetry like Teen Ink does. Nonfiction writers will probably enjoy it, as well, particularly if they have a riveting story to tell.


For those who find themselves look for an essay writing service because they’re too busy due to their own writing to finish whatever essay or assignment has been given, this is a site to interest you. Well, you might just have to give Edubirdie a try, because this entry might take the free time you have. Without a doubt, Wattpad is the single most popular reading website on the internet today. The stories often have professional writers, meaning that authors have a great deal of talent. You’ll do yourself a service by checking it out and publishing your work.


Though not purely a website for teenage writers, Reddit has a lot to offer. Considered the “front page of the internet”, this site has communities for literally every topic. This includes different kinds of writing. Looking for a challenge? There’s r/WritingPrompts. Do you enjoy writing horror? r/NoSleep. Just need some support from your fellow writers or need to ask someone with a little more experience? r/Writing. This is a particularly great place for anyone looking for detailed feedback on your work. The communication between writers and readers is phenomenal. It doesn’t matter if you’re in Australia, the US, or anywhere else.


Another site not completely dedicated to writing, it’s still a place worth checking out. Though most of the posts on are about art such as drawings, paintings, and photographs, you still find plenty of written works to thumb through. There are also communities that focus solely on writing so that you can find some camaraderie. It’s a little old-fashioned, but it’s been going strong for over a decade now. If you don’t like traditional social media, then this might be a better option for you.

One Teen Story

It’s not common to find writing websites for teens that focus solely on nonfiction. Almost every site is dedicated to those who write fiction. That can leave the nonfiction crowd feeling left out. If you’re feeling the same way, then One Teen Story might be a place to go. There is a chance, once a year, to submit your own story for potential publishing.


While it might sound like Australian lingo, it’s actually short for “National Novel Writing Month.” The event itself happens every November, and many writers spend the rest of the year gearing up for it. The goal? To finish the entire novel by the end of the month. With a fifty-thousand word minimum. That’s a lot to ask, particularly of people still pursuing education, so there are alternatives. But NaNoWriMo is still the best place to head for a little bit of self-discipline.


This is the absolute perfect website for an average teen. Not only does it offer the feel of standard social media, but it also follows many of the same dynamics. People can rate how they found your writing, based on the options very similar to those found on Facebook. Unlike Facebook, though, you’ll be among people like yourself. There are even contests, for competitive individuals.

Finding the right place as a teenage writer can be difficult. Some sites are too adult, others don’t have what you need. But there is something on this list for you, no matter who you are.

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