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6 Smart Questions You Should Be Asking To Your SEO Consultant

Imagine that you own a brick model business, say a retail store. Your chances of sales will increase with the increase in the footfall of the store. Click business is no exception, the more the traffic on the website, the better are the prospects of sale and profitability.

To get more traffic to the website, having an excellent search engine visibility is a must. However, most businesses lack the expertise and time to rank in the first pages of various search engines such as Bing, Yahoo, And Google, so they outsource the SEO function to specialist agencies. 

With so many SEO agencies bluffing around, you have to ensure that your SEO endeavor is in safe hands. Here is a set of few questions to ask before finalizing an SEO agency. These questions will give you an insight into their knowledge and thus help you seal the deal with them. 

  1. Could you please give me a list of current and past clients?

A reputable and experienced SEO agency will happily share the testimonials of former and current clients. Happy clients are like feathers to the cap of an SEO agency, and they brag out servicing their clients with precision.

The clientele will help you assess the expertise of the SEO agency and also give you an idea of their work ethics. Though the agencies will not reveal the actual stats, they will be happy to tell you that they swelled the conversions for their clients and helped them gain a more significant audience base. 

  1. How will you improve my search engine rankings?

Stay away from agencies who do not discuss their modus operandi openly. If they do not open up about what they do and how they do it, know that there is more to it than what meets the eye. 

They should be precisely able to explain their strategies and actionable plans that they would execute to boost up your website’s search rankings. Moreover, they should be able to tell you how much time it would take before the results start to show up. 

Ensure that their proposed plans should include a technical audit of the website to cover up the prevalent issues which could be raking down the rankings. An SEO expert should also fabricate an ‘on-page’ plan to increase search engine compatibility. This plan includes changing the website’s URLs and internal indexing and navigation. 

SEO agencies with holistic approach also provide off-page strategy under which the awareness of your website is created via publishing content on various social platforms. 

  1. Do you follow webmaster guidelines?

There is no one size fits all kind of an SEO solution. However, that doesn’t mean that there is no benchmark for SEO practices. Google releases webmaster best methods to regulate SEO practices and penalizes those who do not comply with the guidelines laid down under webmaster updates.

This is mainly to keep a vigilant eye on black hat SEO practices such as generating content through automatic spinners and adding bogus hidden texts and links. In case of frequent transgressing, Google might even ban your website from showing up in the search results altogether. 

  1. Can you guarantee number-one for my website?

If your consultant brags about his/her insider trading skills and assures you that he can place your website on number ranking in Google or for that matter other search engines, Abort Mission, Do you copy? Abort Mission!

No one can guarantee your website to rank in the 1st place in search engine results, let alone amateurs masquerading as SEO experts. 

 According to a recent interview of Sundar Pichai, Google’s SEO, and search engine rankings of a website’s pages depend upon the originality of the content, organic traffic to it, and relevance. 

  1. Will you keep me posted about the changes you make to my site?

Search Engine Optimization often requires a lot of changes to be done to your website’s webpages, such as changes in URL, Meta tag, and Meta description and other coding patterns if needed. It’s important to know what all changes are being incorporated into your website. 

If you want to be notified whenever a coding change is done, make it a point to include it in the contract. Ask whether your SEO agency plans to provide additional content for your webpages, to optimize conversion from the webpage. 

  1. Are you experienced in improving local search results?

If your website is optimized for what’s known as “local SEO,” it should appear when someone nearby is searching for keywords that are relevant to your business. To achieve that, a consultant should add your business’s city and state to your website’s title tags and meta descriptions, and get your site listed on Bing, Google and Yahoo’s local listings, which are online directories of businesses that cater to a specific geographical area.

Getting placed in the top ranks of local search engines is crucial from the strategic viewpoint for small brick and mortar business which try to attract local customers. You may want to hire an agency which has a decent experience of local SEO and is familiar with Google My Business and other such local engines. 

If your website is optimized for local SEO, it will surface up when someone near to your business is typing keywords that are relevant to your business or when Google is giving its users suggestion when location services are on. 

This can be accomplished by adding Meta tags and description of your state/county and get your site listed on local listing sites. 

YEAH! Local is the agency you would need, should you choose to optimize your website for local search results. It has got a very scientific approach for building SEO programs which cater to the specific needs of the business.

Their KPIs, such as ROI from content endeavors (blogger outreach), gives them a competitive edge over other agencies. No other agency has got such methodical approach for SEO campaigns, and Yeah local is keen to get you placed in the top rankings with strategies that pay off amid stiff competition.

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