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4 Types Of Wedding Planner That You Need To Know About

Wedding is a once in a lifetime occasion. It is the celebration of the union of two souls and two families. A Wedding is the onset of the journey of togetherness towards a happily ever after. The planning for a wedding is an extensive process. Indian weddings are a myriad of rituals, ceremonies and emotional outbursts. Handling the plethora of wedding rituals is beyond the ability of a single person. Herein arises the need of hiring a wedding planner.

A wedding planner, being a professional, plans your wedding in a perfect manner. A wedding planner adds oomph to a wedding. Just like a wedding venue, there are different types of different wedding planners. Whether you’re having a budget wedding or a grand one you can select the wedding planners according to your budget. Are you getting married in Kolkata? You must be then looking for hire wedding planners in Kolkata. Before you finalize upon your choice here are some of the different types of wedding planners that you must know about. Also we have brought for you a few tips that would help you to find the perfect wedding planner. Have a look couples.

1. Full Service Planner

A full service wedding planner is an experienced, reputed professional who stays and plans for your wedding from the beginning. Be it selection of the wedding venue or the wedding caterer a full service wedding planner advices and plans for the various attributes of the wedding. The list of services offered by a full service planner includes creating of a wedding budget, customizing the vendor partnership pairing, managing the overall wedding planning and matching it with your schedule in order to cater to your requirements.

2. Month of Wedding Planner

A month of wedding planner is a professional who begin their work one or two month prior to the wedding. This type of wedding planner take your wedding planner to the next level as they help in organizing and prioritizing the various wedding attributes. These types of wedding planners do not get way too involved in the wedding designing process. The key role played by a month of wedding planner is that they help in finalizing the logistics in the month for your wedding, fine tuning the timeline and enable smooth communication with the vendor. The month of wedding planner also help in planning your guest list.

3. Venue Coordinator

As the name suggests this type of wedding planner help with the wedding venue selection and decoration. A venue coordinator works in-house for the wedding venues. They coordinate with the details surrounding the wedding venue and also help in managing the onsite services offered by the wedding venue.

4. Event Stylist

These types of wedding planners make a wedding to look picture perfect. The job event stylist is to develop the overall aesthetics of the wedding. The event stylist also creates the mood for the wedding. They are ones responsible for styling and staging the attire, accessories, invitations, venue, tables, bars, aisle thus making the wedding to look aesthetically pleasing. The stylists make the wedding to look perfect for the wedding photographs.

5 Tips For Hiring The Ideal Wedding Planner

With the number of wedding planners available selecting and hiring an ideal wedding planner is a dainty task. If you’re having trouble with selecting the perfect wedding planner then worry not as we have got you covered. Here are a few tips that would steer your search for a wedding planner in the right direction.

1. Budget

Wedding is an expensive affair and needs to be planned within a budget. A wedding without a budget is sure enough to burn a hole in your pocket. Setting a budget for a wedding planner helps you plan your wedding accordingly. Having a budget for the planner leaves out the chances of negotiation with the vendor for the final costing. Couples often in the desire to add uniqueness to the wedding go to extra lengths and end up spending more than what they intended to. You definitely would not want to embark on your journey towards a happily ever after with a debt on your shoulder. Having a budget for a wedding enables you to curb out over expenses.

2. Availability

After much man hunting finally you have found the perfect wedding planner but when you try booking them they have run out of dates, sounds like a disappoint right! To avoid the glitch it is advisable to book the wedding planner well in advance. Also while booking a wedding planner check with them whether they are available for the set dates or not. Top wedding planners often have multiple bookings for a day or a month. You would not want your wedding planner to juggle between weddings or to get ditched the last moment. Asking the wedding planner about their availability ensures you that they would be present for your wedding.

3. Experience

Experience speaks for itself which is why you should consider hiring an experienced wedding planner. A wedding planner with years of experience in the field would be better able to cater to your needs in comparison to an amateur wedding planner. Hiring an experienced wedding planner would transform your dream of a fairytale wedding into a reality.

4. Workforce

Indian weddings are a myriad of rituals, ceremonies and emotional outbursts. Managing the plethora of wedding rituals is beyond the ability of a single person. A wedding planner needs to have a team of assistants who would assist them with the wedding planning. While booking a wedding planner check their workforce and ask them how many of their assistants would be present at the wedding venue.

5. Referrals

How do you ensure that a wedding planner is credible enough or is worth the price? Ask your wedding planner to furnish you with referrals and testimonials received from previous clients. The referrals and testimonials ensure the credibility of the wedding planner. The testimonials also authenticate the trust ability of the wedding planner.

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