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4 Reliable Tips to Improve Your PPC Traffic

SEO analytic reports often show that the conversations and click-through rates of a website don’t match. Even if the click-through rate is significantly high, it doesn’t provide a satisfactory conversion. This is something that bothers entrepreneurs, especially if they have a startup. Although CTRs help you reach a massive number of people, unless they convert into loyal customers, the service is useless. The first step to fixing this situation is by selecting the appropriate keywords. That will attract the correct group of audience and eliminate the irrelevant ones. Apart from this, you should also try a few other techniques.

1) Pay attention to qualified versions

Qualified versions differ from one company to another depending on the respective industry. For example, a site that conducts real IQ test, such as Worldwide IQ Test will target a qualified version where they ask their audience to register for a free test before moving to the paid level. On the other hand, a B2B company may ask customers to submit essential forms before using their cloud-based AI software.

Similarly, you should also understand what defines your qualified version efficiently. This will help to improve lead generations through a PPC campaign. Although all qualified deals may not convert successfully, you still have more chance to meet the correct target audience. When your target customers genuinely show interest in your brand, only then a PPC campaign is considered successful.

2) Use effective words

Irrelevant audiences can ruin a CTR campaign altogether. This mainly happens if your CTR doesn’t have the appropriate words that signify why your brand is different from others in the same industry. What gives you an edge over your competitors? The more precise the words, the better the chances of improving your CTR and conversion rate.

For example, if your site sells expensive designer apparels and you want to avoid customers searching for low-priced, the ideal keywords you should use are “designer dresses,” “luxurious suits,” and so on.

3) Create catchy content

The content of your ad message should be innovative. It should create a positive impact on the minds of the audience. The instant appeal or first impression should lead the audience to your site. They should be intrigued to go beyond the CTR and see what your company offers. Concentrating on the ad message is essential. A catchy tagline or a quirky comment that lingers in the mind of the audience will make them want to visit your site. That’s the kind of response that increases your PPC traffic.

4) Implement ad extensions

Adding a detail or clarifying what your brand is about will improve your PPC and CTR campaign. And, that’s the time when ad extensions will prove its worth. There are many callout extensions that you can include, such as dividing the subscription costs into month, semi-annually, or annually. You can also add other information that you want potential customers to know about your brand.

With some of the expert-recommended ideas of increasing your PPC traffic, you shouldn’t wait for the next campaign. Start developing your ideas now, and see how it improves the conversion rate.

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