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10 Best Ways to Relax At Home After a Long Day at Work

After a long and stressful day at work it can be really hard to switch off and let go of all the pressures of the day. Between work, family and you, it is hard to balance it all and still find the time to de-stress. It also seems like a good idea to start on tomorrow’s chores after work so you can get a head start and maybe the next won’t be as stressful. But the truth is if you continue working like this you are going to exhaust yourself and tomorrow won’t ever come. There will always be something else to do. 

If you are a woman who has a difficult time relaxing after a long day at work, here are some great tips that can help you de-stress at home. 

• Leave Work at Work 

The first thing that you should do is leave the stress of work at work and just disconnect yourself from it as soon as you set foot inside your home. You should switch off your work phone, read your emails the next morning and even let your office know that you won’t be available after a specific hour. Avoid bringing pending work from the office with you. Remember you work to have a living you don’t live to work only. 

• Exercise 

Exercise doesn’t have to be heavy lifting or crazy workout routine at the gym. You can do some light exercise at home and unwind. As exercise releases happy hormones, endorphins, you will not only stay fit but your mood will improve too. Plug in your headphones and play some nice tunes to thoroughly have a good time. You can even do some yoga which is great for your body and mind and easy to do at home. 

• Take a Hot Shower 

Aren’t hot showers just the best? Taking a hot shower is a great way to wash all the tension of the day away and to feel relaxed instantly. People often say they feel sleepy after taking a hot shower or just lighter. That is because your nerves calm down and your muscles relax. Plus, hot showering in the evening helps you sleep better.

• Create a Comfy Spot 

Your home is your safe zone but it can’t always be the most relaxing space if you have some tensions at home or have noisy kids that just won’t let you have some peace and quiet. You can create a comfortable and serene spot in your home where you can escape to for some time and relax. It can be on the roof, the balcony or the backyard lit with fairy lights. 

• Read 

Since we are on the top of creating a comfy spot, why not take a book to your relaxing spot and read. Research says that the part of the brain that is responsible for the feeling of empathy gets to work out when we read. It is a great activity that will not only relax you but can increase your knowledge and vocabulary. Also, a far better habit to have than, scrolling through social media before bed. 

• Watch Something You Enjoy 

Luckily we are born in the age of Netflix and if you are not an avid reader, you can always watch something that you enjoy and take your mind off of the stress. Pick a series to watch and if you are feeling low pick a comedy like Friends or The Big Bang Theory to cheer yourself. Or if you are not into series you can watch a documentary. There are several options.

• Talk to a Loved One 

You should leave work at work but that doesn’t mean you should not talk to someone about something that is stressing you out. Talk to a loved one about it to let it off your chest. Internalizing something that is bothering you is not ideal; it can come out in an unwanted way many times which is aggression. So have a talk to a loved one and they may offer some useful solutions.

• Sleep under a Weighted Blanket 

Sometimes the best way to relax is to sleep it off. That being said, sleeping under a weighted blanket is even better. Research shows that deep touch stimulation boosts serotonin, which is a hormone responsible for mood and sleep regulation. Sleeping under a weighted blanket can help you fall asleep faster, better and wake up feeling more relaxed. However, you shouldn’t use a weighted blanket if you snore or have sleep apnea.

• Develop a Hobby 

Developing a hobby can be a great way to de-stress and to tap into your creative abilities. While having a job in the creative field can entail a lot of stress but doing something creative after work hours can improve your mood. You can polish your culinary skills, draw and paint, learn some DIYs off Pinterest, solve a puzzle, knit, create an art-journal or do some creative writing. Anything that relaxes your mind and you enjoy doing. 

• Have a Skin-Care Routine 

Stress is the worst thing to happen to your skin and if you feel your skin isn’t looking its best, it can make you feel even worse. So light up a nice scented candle and begin a skin care routine. And no, taking off your makeup simply is not it. Try cleansing your face properly or get a cream or some essential oil that works for your skin and massage your face before you hit the bed. Looking good is a big factor in feeling good so look after your skin so it looks healthy. 

Have you tried any of these to de-stress? Let us know what works for you. 

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