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Why does bed size matter for sleep?

Getting a good night’s sleep. That is everyone’s dream, probably yours as well. But what do you need in order to ensure that you sleep well at night? You may well be asking yourself this question because you may have had that dreadful experience of ‘counting sheep at night to fall asleep.’ That is not a fun experience and this article will discuss what you can do to avoid those miserable, sleepless nights.

Invest in a queen sized bed

Before delving into this issue deeper, it’s time to ask an interesting relevant question, what size is a queen bed?”this matters because most people sleep on a queen sized bed. When it comes to bed sizes (and mattresses) ‘one size doesN’T fit all!’ People have different sizes, shapes, and dimensions. They need to sleep on the right sized mattress with the stress threshold necessary to support their weight. In other words, they need to be in the ‘Goldilocks zone’ when they choose the ideal mattress to sleep on. Getting back to the question asked at the beginning of this paragraph, the ideal size for a queen bed is 60 inches wide by 80 inches long, or 152.5 centimeters wide by 203.5 centimeters long.

Your sleeping position matters

The position you sleep in is important. In fact, what your sleeping position says about your healthcan play a large role in determining how long you live! Confused? Don’t be. If you sleep on your side and assume the log roller position, you are in the most comfortable sleeping position. You will enjoy many hours of deep REM sleep. You’ll wake up feeling refreshed in the morning and your health will be better because your body will be alert and your immune system will be operating at full capacity. Believe it or not, lack of sleep can actually weaken your immune system and make it more likely for you to catch deadly diseases more often.

Remember this if you sleep in a king size bed

You need metal bed frames kingif you sleep in a king size bed. This is because a king sized bed is an oversized bed. Though one size does not always fit all for these types of beds, you need a strong and sturdy bed frame to provide the king size mattress with the foundation it needs to comfortably support you so that you always enjoy a good night’s sleep. Metal bed frames are usually made in platform style meaning that they can support all types and sizes of king size beds. They are easy to set up – you will do no heavy exertion or lifting when assembling these frames. Best of all, they are economical!

Now that you know

Now that you know what you need in a mattress and a bed frame to enjoy good sleep at night, you know the purchases you need to make if the ideal mattress and bed frame is not already in your room!

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