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What Treatments Are Out There For Skin Tightening That Doesn’t Involve Surgery?

Age is what happens to everyone, whether they like it or not! This involves all of the little things that everyone notices as the years pass, especially after the age of thirty. First, one usually notices that they can’t eat the way they used to without gaining weight! After that comes the realization that they can’t run or walk as far or as fast as they used to. Grey hairs start to creep in here and there. Eventually, people also notice that their skin is beginning to sag a bit in a few places – this is where skin tightening is needed.

It is a perfectly normal part of the aging process, but not everyone is willing to let nature take its course, and why not? There are ways to fight signs of aging and with the kinds of treatments out there that are now available, people are starting to look at those options.

The way things used to be is that removing those wrinkles meant surgery. Everyone has heard of the facelift. Some have even heard of others like the neck-lift, as well, but all of these procedures involve going under the knife which can be expensive and can even have major side-effects. There has been more than one article read which involved celebrities talking about botched facelifts and other negative effects to their surgeries.

Another difference was that only the rich and famous could really afford those surgeries, pushing the average person into a situation where they couldn’t do very much about tightening their skin beyond a few creams on pharmacy shelves.

So, the average person wants smoother skin, but they don’t want to take that long and involved road to surgery. Luckily, new technologies mean new uses for technology and there are quite a few options for people out there who are looking to tighten their skin without having to go under the knife.

Here are a few:

Radiofrequency – This is used for the neck and jowls, as well as other parts of the body. What radiofrequency does is to use high-frequency radio waves to heat the collagen beneath the skin’s surface. This results in the stimulation of the collagen to produce more collagen which helps to lift and tighten the skin. The second thing that the treatment does is to emulsify the fat lying under the skin. The result is the disappearance of jowls and neck fat as well as the tighter skin in other areas of the body, as well.

The only real drawback to this treatment is that it does take a few months to get the full effect of the treatment, so patience is the key to getting this treatment.

Ultrasound – No, this doesn’t involve a doctor pointing out the different parts of a baby on a monitor to its mother! Ultrasound does use the same technology, but to a different purpose. This uses sound waves to promote the creation of collagen, firming the skin, but it also is able to focus below the skin. This results in zero damage to the skin, itself. The only real con to this treatment is that there can be some tenderness, redness and swelling in the affected area for the next few days.

Microneedling – This is used in conjunction with other procedures like radiofrequency and laser treatment in order to achieve the full effect. Needles are inserted into the skin in order to promote collagen production. Used with the other aforementioned treatments this approach is usually the best way for a person to hedge their bets when it comes to skin tightening.

Laser Therapy – Yes, scientists have found yet another use for the versatile laser! This is probably one of the least invasive techniques out there for skin tightening. The actual way it works is similar to ultrasound and radiofrequency in that it also promotes the production of collagen by heating the collagen beneath the skin’s surface. Because the laser doesn’t actually heat the skin itself, the results are quite satisfying for most people.

The drawback is that it usually takes six treatments to achieve full results, but people notice a difference to their skin after the first one is completed.

Home remedies – Yes, as always there are people who have found ways to tighten their skin with common products found at home. This involves using coconut or olive oil for a moisturizer, honey and egg white masks, coffee scrubs, witch hazel, Epsom salt baths, cucumbers and even Aloe Vera to achieve tighter skin. The biggest con to these home remedies is that there’s no proof to show that they actually work, but they’re probably quite relaxing!

All in all, there are now many ways to achieve tighter skin for the average person that doesn’t involve surgery and many of them are quite effective. The best way to determine which is best is to pay a visit to one’s doctor and find out!

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