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The Funniest TV Shows of the Year

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The adage that laughter is the best medicine, has since time immemorial been leverage to emphasize the importance of a good laugh. May it be a chuckle, guffaw, roar, chortle, or cackle, the ability to laugh has been identified to harness many individual and interpersonal benefits. These include lowered blood pressure, improved cardiac health, reduced levels of stress hormones in the body, among a plethora of other advantages. 

Whether knowingly or unknowingly, we seek humor from different sources and in varying ways. It could be spending time with our hysterical friends and family, attending live comedy shows, or browsing through a TV Guide to identify the funniest shows that keeps us glued to our screens afters cumbersome routines. Whatever the case, a few top entertaining TV shows of the year that can inspire you, lighten your burdens, and let you connect with loved ones include: 

Drunk History

Aired on Comedy Central, Drunk History is pillared on getting a bunch of drunk people and asking them to narrate a remarkable historical event. The story is then reenacted as it was drunkenly recited thereby treating views to humorous moments. Having graced our TV screens from 2013 to 2019 on Comedy Central, some of the best Drunk History episodes include Nikola Tesla, Twas the Night Before Christmas, and Harriet Tubman Lead an Army of Bad Bitches. 


Since its inauguration in 2012 to present, veep has received both critics and applause alike from its viewers. One of its best episodes is Special Relationship, where Ray escalates from Selina’s personal trainer to more of her presidential campaign advisor after a romantic relationship sparks between them. The diverting bit about Ray’s contribution to Selina’s campaign is that the advice is mined straight from the internet. 

The Boys

Developed by Eric Kripke, the series revolves around superheroes, who are celebrated by the public. A twist is however realized where the heroic characters lead arrogant and corrupt lives which amount to conflicts between them. 

Sex Education

Sex Education is one of the newest Netflix’s teen comedy series, featuring Otis and Maeve who have set up a business of giving their classmates sex advice. Despite his mother being a sex therapist, Otis feels he is such a mess. The series is detailed with lots of sexual comics revolving around growing teenagers curious to experiment with different escapades. 

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Having been aired on FX from 2005 to present, this is one comedy show that has survived the test of time. The series features a group of five friends (The Gang), who frequently engage in unethical behavior. To spice things up, the group of friends consistently conspire against and celebrate the downfall of each other. They have no shame whatsoever in whatever unethical activities they engage in as long as they have their way at the end of the day. Some of the best episodes of the show include The Gang Goes to a Water Park, and The Nightman Cometh. 

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