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Sixty-Four Percent of Travelers Secretly Extend Business Trips for Pleasure – Without Telling Anyone

Summer is peak vacation time for most, but for frequent business travelers, it can be a struggle to squeeze in a much-needed vacation between work trips. With its latest “La Quinta Means Business” national survey, La Quinta® by Wyndham unveils the unique trends and challenges for business travelers during the summer season and busy back-to-school months.

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(Wyndham Hotels & Resorts)

The survey offers insight on the distinct experience of business travel in the summer, including surviving stuffy conference rooms, being spotted in a bathing suit by coworkers, squeezing in some time for sightseeing and rushing to make it home in time for back-to-school prep.  La Quinta makes it easy for business travelers to succeed in every season with amenities like free Wi-Fi,  free breakfast, signature comfortable bedding and the ability to earn and redeem rewards points with Wyndham Rewards.

“Summer business trips can be the perfect opportunity to create new travel experiences by squeezing a little leisure time into the schedule,” said Lisa Checchio, chief marketing officer of Wyndham Hotels & Resorts. “By understanding the unique needs of business travelers in the summer – whether that means free, high-speed Wi-Fi to stay connected with kids as they head back to school, a comfy space to recharge between meetings, or the opportunity to earn points they can later redeem on a well-deserved vacation through Wyndham Rewards – La Quinta empowers road warriors to make the most of their summer business trips.”             

La Quinta’s survey tapped into the mindset of today’s business traveler during the busy summer and back-to-school months to determine how the season might impact their decision-making while on the road:

I Need a Vacation

  • Under the radar: Nearly two-thirds (64%) of business travelers who have extended a trip have done so secretly for personal vacation without telling someone, including their coworkers (32%), boss (26%) and even their own partner (22%)
  • New territory: More than half (51%) of these business travelers have extended their business trips to explore the destination
  • ‘Tis the sea-sun: For 56% of business travelers, summer is the best time to extend a business trip for a personal vacation
  • Vacation daze: On average, business travelers extended a trip for three days, with 42% of business travelers extending three to five days
  • Recharge your batteries: Nearly 3 in 10 (29%) business travelers have skipped out on a meeting or work event to take a nap or do something restful while on a business trip

Heat Wave

  • It’s getting hot in here: Sixty-five percent of career commuters say that being stuck in a conference room with no air conditioning during a summer business trip would be worse than having to wear a swimsuit in front of colleagues (35%)
  • Sweat suit: Eighty-two percent of male business travelers are more likely to pack extra clothing on a summer business trip than they would for another season
  • Look cool, feel cool: Given a choice between dressing well and dressing comfortably, business travelers would rather look cool (53%) than feel cool (47%) on a summer business trip
  • A cold one: Nearly three in four (74%) business travelers have skipped a work event while on a business trip, 31% of whom did something social with friends instead such as go to a bar or restaurant

On the Home Front

  • Me time: Forty-three percent of business travelers with children in school have extended a business trip by one to two days specifically to take time for themselves
  • There in spirit: Nearly all business travelers (95%) with school-age kids miss some school-related activities due to business travel; three in four (75%) business travelers miss activities frequently
  • Homework helper: While on a business trip, 69% of business travelers stay connected with their children when school is in session to make sure they get their homework done
  • Pur-ferred travel companion: Three in ten (30%) business travelers with kids and pets say they would prefer to travel with their pet and leave the kids at home

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