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Private Tours vs Group Tours–Why Private Tours Win

Private tours are the new buzz of the travel industry. There is increased demand for specialized services. Many factors have led to the need for private tours, including multigenerational travel, luxury development in previously remote areas, and increased use of Instagram. Instagram has exposed many exquisite places such as the Giraffe Manor in Kenya, which has now become a go-to craze for most. It is usually booked years in advance. Millennials especially, want to be seen in exotic places, and private tours provide just that.

Private tour vs Group tour

With a private tour, you get a personal tour guide, private vehicle, chauffeur, and everything customized for your needs. Group tours, on the other hand, get you on board with other travelers, sharing a travel date and transportation. Although group tours come with several benefits such as the discounts that companies offer and the ability to socialize, private tours win for the following reasons.

Cultural insights

There are cultures and rules that govern the different places you may visit. You may not know about these rules, but a private tour guide will help you through so that you avoid embarrassment and enjoy your trip. A tour guide will also interpret foreign languages that you may not be able to understand in your tour area.

You go when you want to and choose who you will be around

You can organize for a private trip any time you wish to, as opposed to a group trip where there are specific timelines to follow. You can plan your trip and go when you have the time. A private trip is the best option for a family that wants to spend quality time together.

Better experiences

With a private tour, you get an in-depth experience of your destination as opposed to when you’re travelling as a group. A personal tour guide also has connections to new and exotic places that you would not have found online, even with the most comprehensive search. When you book a private travel tour, you can get access to unique experiences such as private wine tastings, luncheons, wine blending sessions, and extended walking tours.

With a private trip, you enjoy more personalized trips. Group trips are designed to visit many places which may not be of particular interest to you. With a private tour, you only visit sites that are of interest to you, and the guide suggests a place suitable for you, your family or friends. Group trips also involve a large group of people guided by a single tour guide, which makes it challenging to be attentive. As a result, some great experiences may pass you by.

It is more flexible

Group tours are inflexible, and there is limited time to stop and enjoy the experiences. With a private tour, you can receive extra days to revisit an area for a nominal fee.

A private tour is the ultimate experience. It is worth the money as it involves personalized memories for you and your family.

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