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Learning ManyChat with Online Courses 

ManyChat is one of the best web applications you can use these days, and what’s even better, it can be fully integrated into many marketing platforms to help with your digital marketing plan. What is it? Well, it’s a smart chatbot that you can fully program without even a lick of experience with coding (or automation for that matter) but you probably should learn a little bit about the automation part. That’s where learning ManyChat with online courses comes in handy. We’ll tell you how to do just that in a bit, but first we’ll explain a little bit about why you should heavily consider a ManyChat course.

Can’t I Just Watch Some YouTube Videos?

There’s a special classification of yes and no answer to the above question here. Moreover, the training courses that you’ll be able to purchase are usually a multi-faceted course including specialized and customized YouTube videos for you, but that’s merely since it’s the most common platform to watch media today. However, this is completely different than just looking up “courses” or training videos that random users make for their YouTube channel.

Many of those second videos simply tell little bits that you would normally be able to learn the basics (which you can learn even just from Many Chat’s site) of operation, and sometimes, they’ll tell you what worked for them and their business. The best courses out there know that you, your customers, and your business are in a league of their own and that you have to create a custom experience for you and yours, not based on what worked for someone else.

What Can ManyChat Training Do for You?

By using custom training, you can learn numerous automation techniques that can help to increase your ROI, as well as your revenue and continuously earn more potential customers while maintaining your current customer base and keeping them happy. ManyChat when used correctly, can be like a personal assistant on many different tiers, from the customer support standpoint, all the way to sales and an FAQ assistant.

If you have hundreds of customers that are asking the same questions, you don’t have the time to answer them all yourself, and with your busy life taking care of your business, you shouldn’t have to take time out of your day in order to do so every time.

Can I Integrate ManyChat with Other Platforms?

As a matter of fact, you can, if you have cloud-based solutions for e-commerce, you can actually link your ManyChat with apps like Zapier and many more, as well as synchronize it to your e-mailing lists, Facebook Messenger, and even your website. This gives you full control of how the ManyChat bot is applied so it can give your customers a personalized experience that suits them every time.


Smart Bot Marketers are the leaders when it comes to the revolution that chatbots are becoming. While they’ve been around since the 1990’s, they’ve grown to be a very popular growth tool for business when you get the right training on how to incorporate them.

With SBM, you can get the best training possible from true automation industry experts who can teach you how to tailor your chatbot for your company and your customers for a much better price than most other companies and freelancers out there, yet you can still get the quality training you deserve to make it easier.

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