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How to Fix Car Scratches

There’s almost nothing more damaging to the aesthetics of your vehicle than scratches. These ugly marks are an eyesore – no matter how great the car looks otherwise; your eye is drawn to these imperfections.

Knowing how to fix car scratches can help you take care of these problems, so your vehicle gets back to looking the way you want it to. You’ll not only salvage its appearance, but you may actually be able to restore some of the value that was lost because of the damage.

How to Fix Basic and Deep Scratches

No matter what kind of scratch your car has, the first step to take is always washing and drying it completely. It ensures there are no contaminants left in the affected area, so they aren’t trapped inside to do further damage once you repair the scratch.

If the scratch isn’t deep and affects only the outer layer or clear coat, you can consider a scratch remover pen or other tools. An easy way to tell if you have this type of scratch is to see if it goes away when you spray soap on it – though it will come back once the soap is washed off, you’ll know if the clearcoat is the only paint layer damaged.

Next, you’ll want to tape off the area on either side, sand down the scratch with soapy sandpaper, then polish and wax the car so the sanded area has the same glossy look as the rest of the exterior.

For deeper scratches, you’ll need to use specialized putty to fill in the area then touch-up paint to cover the remaining marks. Even with junk cars, removing scratches can help you make the vehicle look better and net a better price during a sale.

Should You Pay Someone to Do It?

If you’re wondering how to fix car scratches, you may also be curious about how much it’d cost to have a professional do it.

Scratch removal can typically cost you between $100-$300 for a clear coat scratch, and between $300-$900 for a deep scratch. If you have a clear coat scratch, the cost of the materials (soap, cleaning rag, tape, sandpaper, wax, and polish) to fix it will likely not total over $50. If you’re not confident in your skills, it may be best to let a professional handle the job.

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