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Does Testosterone Help to Manage Obesity?

Obesity is a major health concern among the West as rates have skyrocketed in recent years. In the United States alone, 70 million adults qualify as obese using body mass index measurements. Studies showed that the long-term effects of obesity include heart disease, autoimmune conditions, and premature death. Fortunately, there are several ways to reduce obesity. One of these methods includes increasing testosterone, sometimes through testosterone therapy. The benefits of higher testosterone levels extend to women as well as men. After menopause, hormone changes in women can cause lower testosterone and lead to many of the negative health effects in the same way they affect men. Anyone experiencing obesity and its related health challenges should consider hormone replacement therapy as a proven way to reduce body fat. Here is how and why testosterone therapy can be effective in achieving an ideal weight. 

The role of testosterone in the human body

While testosterone is commonly associated with fertility and sexual health, the hormone actually plays a role in many more important aspects of health. Low testosterone can reduce bone density, contribute to depression, decrease muscle mass, increase body fat, cause anemia, and more. As we age, our bodies naturally decline in testosterone. Through supplementation and diet modification, you can increase your circulating testosterone and restore your health, feeling younger and more vital. To learn more about testosterone supplements visit this page and find out what are the types of testosterone injections and how to get the legal one.

How testosterone deficiency can lead to obesity?

Testosterone deficiency refers to a lower than optimal level of “free” testosterone circulating the body. This condition can trigger the accumulation of fat, among other negative health impacts. In turn, fat cells can then convert testosterone into estrogen, creating a nasty cycle of increasing body fat. In addition, testosterone is proven to contribute to the development of diabetes, the body’s inability to regulate its blood sugar, which causes further weight gain. Sex hormone-binding globulin levels, a protein that transports testosterone throughout the body, are reduced in obese people. The spiraling correlation between higher levels of obesity and lower levels of testosterone can be difficult to overcome. Fortunately, it is possible to reverse this cycle and restore optimal testosterone levels in the body. Read further to find out how. 

Is belly fat a sign of low testosterone?

Many studies have proven the link between belly fat and lowered testosterone. The primary mechanism of action here is an enzyme called aromatase, an enzyme that switches testosterone into estrogen. This enzyme is most concentrated in belly fat, so reducing fat in this area stops this action and increases testosterone available for use. 

How to raise testosterone levels

There are several ways to increase testosterone. One of the most effective of these is hormone replacement therapy. This involves either oral medication or injection of testosterone. It is crucial that this therapy is conducted by an experienced, licensed practitioner who monitors your reaction during the course of the therapy. Many retailers, including online, allow consumers to buy legal testosterone that is tested for purity and safety. The effectiveness of testosterone therapy can be assessed through testing before and after therapy. 

In addition to testosterone supplementation, lifestyle factors and diet also affect testosterone. Healthy behaviors such as regular exercise, especially anaerobic weight lifting, are proven to increase testosterone in people of all ages. Eating a balanced, whole-food diet can also raise testosterone levels. Many processed foods contain additives and chemicals that are antagonistic to testosterone. Many foods, on the other hand, stimulate testosterone production. Two of the best foods to include in a diet designed to increase testosterone are mushrooms and cruciferous vegetables like broccoli and kale. Mushrooms block the activity of aromatase, the enzyme mentioned previously which converts testosterone into estrogen. Similarly, cruciferous vegetables contain high amounts of a potent compound called Indole-3-carbinol which also blocks estrogen production. 

Hormone therapy and the other factors mentioned above are effective, proven ways to increase testosterone and reap all the health benefits associated with higher testosterone. Affordable access to testosterone injections is more widespread than ever before, with healthcare providers who specialize in the field practicing in most towns and cities. Determining whether testosterone is low in your body can be achieved through a simple and inexpensive blood test. There are potential risks associated with testosterone injections, but these can be managed through monitoring and consultation with an experienced provider.

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