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Color Printing Letterhead

Letterhead printing denotes to the heading at the top of a sheet of paper. The letterhead usually includes a person or business name, along with a phone number and an address. Some businesses even put up their logos with this information for a more professional-looking touch to their letterhead

But simply placing a logo at the top of a blank sheet of white paper is a mistake made by many businesses, and this is why so many letterheads fail to make an impact. Your letterhead is an investment that should work to promote your company image like most other expenses.

If any business, you require letterhead that makes a great first impression and has a long-lasting effect on your customers. Nearly all of the proposals, sales letters, and other correspondence are presented on letterhead, making a letterhead essential to your organization’s image. It’s imperative that you have your business’ letterhead printed on high-quality paper stocks, which gives the impression that your business is influential and trustworthy. Our letterhead and custom-made stationery are printed on the best paper in the industry, including smooth, creamy white linen or bright white linen.

Personalized stationery is about more than mere correspondence; it’s about marketing a branded image that affects your audience. Customized stationery is not limited to stuffy corporate material no one wants to look at. Personalized stationery can help set you apart from the competition, earn new business, establish your brand, and even make direct sales.

Our Letterhead printing features:

  • You can order the minimum amount of ‘only’ 50 letterheads
  • Unlimited colors to choose from
  • Available in standard, bond, textured and recycled quality
  • Optional pad binding available
  • Delivery right to your doorstep

Create Letterheads Online

Like every other print marketing, your colored letterhead will look just as hot off the press as it does on your computer screen when the letterhead printing process is thoroughly understood. We use the following letterhead colored printing techniques to get the job done right the first time:

  • Choosing color and format properly

We designed the letterhead using four-color process (CMYK) and in a resolution of at least 300 dpi for optimal results. Your letterhead format, letterhead template, and letterhead size will all be perfect with us. We let you browse through pre designed letterhead templates, or upload your letterhead design. Alternatively, you could use our online letterhead maker to craft a letterhead design online or get one personalized for you.

  • Choosing proper paper

Letterhead paper is of more exceptional quality than regular printer paper, and for good enough reasons. Customers and business partners equate the impression of your letterhead paper with the impact of your company. Too delicate, you come off as careless; too thick, and you appear rigid. Our letterhead printing is performed on the premium quality uncoated paper stock, enabling excellent writing while making your letterheads appear magnificent. Your letterhead format, letterhead size, and letterhead template will all be perfect with us.

Make the best of your money

When it comes to printing colored letterhead, the more your print, the cheaper it gets. So much of your cost is in setting up the offset press, so printing more colored letterhead per run means your price per piece is significantly reduced (the same applies to envelopes). Order enough letterhead for the next year or two to ensure you don’t run out when you need it and to maximize your overall branding and marketing return on investment.

Also, you can use our Price Calculator to keep track of your expenditure for your company letterhead format.

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