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3 Tips on How to Optimize PPC Campaigns for Your eLearning Business

PPC is one of the hottest marketing gimmicks of the 21st century.

Born over two decades ago, PPC has evolved a lot over all these years. It was in the year 1996, when the first pay per click ad ever was launched. The world for this word hasn’t looked back since then.

As a result of which, a myriad of PPC platforms are available in 2019. All for one purpose or the other.

However, this evolution has given rise to a number of ambiguities about what works on PPC platforms and what doesn’t. And when you are targeting a very specific set of eLearning prospects, the levee just breaks.

For that reason, in this article we are talking about how you can adequately optimize your eLearning business’ PPC campaigns for best results.

1. Create Killer Copies

First rule of running a PPC ad campaign is to write a great ad copy.

As you are going to use a PPC platform, it’s important to understand that your money will be at stake. Which means, all your dollars and ROI against them will ride largely on how your ad copy looks and reads.

Keep this in mind and make sure your ad copies are concise, clear and compelling.

The best you can do to ensure this is be harsh on yourself. If there’s even one small mistake that you can notice, don’t laze out on it. This alone can sink down your campaign’s ROI.

So, read again and try to make your ad copies as concise and compelling as possible. Remember, the idea is to intrigue prospects as well as you can.

2. Work on Your Landing Pages

Right after a prospect clicks on your ad copy, they will be taken to your landing page. The place where they will gather information, take actions, get converted into a high paying lead and whatnot!

Clearly, you can’t neglect your landing pages on the best of your days. So, pay attention.

  • Get rid of the clutter: If your eLearning business’ landing pages are full of information, this may be time for you to realize that these are landing pages; not blog posts.

    So, shell out only the information which is extremely relevant and specific for the page.

    Also, make sure no distracting elements are present on this page. Poorly planned navigation menus and search bars can encourage visitors to jump off of your landing page.

  • Improve Page Speed: Neil patel in one of his blog has said that nearly 50% visitors leave a website that doesn’t load within 2 seconds.

    Still need a reason to work on speed?

    Take a page speed test today and fix the major issues weighing down your website’s loading speed.

    Improving page speed can increase pageviews by 11%, user satisfaction by 16% & conversions by 7%. So, buckle up and go for it.

  • Use the right images: Images on your landing page can be used to speak stories without using words.

    However, stories that they tell vary from image to image. Which is why, the choice of image must be well thought and actionable. Something that tells your prospects about the benefits of getting in touch with you.

3. Use a Niche Specific PPC Platform

While a wide ranging PPC platform like Google Adwords will still help you boost your reach, a niche-specific platform specifically meant for eLearning businesses will work even better.

Reason is simple. Targeting will be way easier. The chances of completely irrelevant audiences clicking on your ads will be nearly ‘zero’, which again will help you save a great deal of money.

And this comes along with a whole bunch of other benefits as well.

Also, you can hire social learning or microlearning content providers for crafting cutting-edge content strategies that multiply your PPC ROI.

Final words

PPC is a great tool for marketing all types of eLearning services and products. However, without the right implementation, the whole purpose may fail. This is why it’s important to keep the right points in mind and then only move ahead with PPC.

In this post, we tried to educate our readers about the same.

Hopefully, this was helpful.

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