What Is A Person Of Non-Color?

Since the beginning of Barack Obama’s presidency and in recent weeks radical, regressive government leftists have pushed the subject to extreme levels, one has heard a lot about people-of-color being mistreated, abused or discriminated against. The majority of these people-of-color are so light-complexioned that we have to be told they are indeed people-of-color in order for us to know they fit this category.

Actually, many of those people complaining about being discriminated against are themselves quite successful and wealthy, and many of them are elected government officials who are at the top of the national pecking order and have nothing to complain about regarding treatment or income. America doesn’t care much about skin color because our system rewards individuals based on their value to a profit-making enterprise, so people who work hard and produce are rewarded with greater pay and benefits. It’s not based on skin color, it’s based on ability to produce.

In truth, all skin has “color” so the claim of liberals about people-of-color is somewhat lame and vague. There are no persons of non-color, but we do have leftist Democrats who use skin color to get what they want and to punish people who block their corrupt power grabs. To use skin color for punishment or reward is a dirty thing to do because no one can control the color of their skin.

But, of course, we know that this select protected group of people-of-color consists of Democrats who, in their own opinion, are not deferred to freely enough, but one wonders, with all of this discrimination going on, why so many dark-skinned people living in America are multi-millionaires. One also wonders how Hispanic and Arab people were able to jump on the people-of-color bandwagon and partake of the benefits intended for the descendents of slaves, who were genuinely injured by just being someone else’s property, and often they were the property of other “people-of-color“.

Idiotic people like AOC and her two Muslim fellow America-haters, Representatives Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, collectively better known as the “Squad”, all of whom are as light-skinned as President Trump is, constantly complain about how mistreated they are because of their skin color and how their pigmentation is the reason why they are repeatedly abused by the House of Representatives leadership, when it’s their own anti-American mouths that cause them trouble. These self-identifying “colored people” should be ashamed of themselves for taking a serious subject, intended to right America’s past wrongs, and maddeningly using the subject as a tool to get sympathy for themselves and to more conveniently bad-mouth America and further divide the American citizens along racial lines.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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