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Tips for small business owners to get more backlinks effectively without additional spending

The biggest challenge for online marketers is to gain visibility for their websites because it has a direct link to ranking, traffic flow, and conversions. But getting noticed is not easy, especially for small business owners who have a frugal budget. The bigger online players in search engine optimization are the bigger companies with enough financial muscle that can help to sway things in their favor. Money matters a lot because unless you can hire good resources, better SEO performance would remain a pipe dream. Content creation holds the key to better performance, and it takes money, time, and effort to create quality content that drives the campaign ahead and generates the desired result. Similarly, it is common knowledge that to succeed in online marketing, you must create an impressive backlink profile that displays your website in good light and helps to improve ranking.

With limited financial capabilities, small businesses have only organic traffic to focus upon because they cannot afford to indulge in paid searches like carrying out PPC campaigns nor in other forms of online advertising like banner ads or advertising on social media. Indeed, they can take to guest posting that allows them to publish content on other relevant websites that help to gain exposure to a new audience, but that is only one of the strategies to earn backlinks and boost rankings.

To get the most from the limited financial resources at their disposal, small business owners can adapt other techniques and tactics of obtaining backlinks. These techniques are simple too, that does away with the worries of dealing with things that are too much technical.

What small businesses can do to gain backlinks more effectively without straining their budgets will become clear on going through this article.

Bank on infographics

Content must be attractive in its presentation so that it catches the eyes easily and makes reading interesting. Users have limited patience in going through large chunks of text items, which no matter how well structured, will not be as attractive as graphically presented content. Infographics score much better than text content that makes it the most shared form of content on the internet. Any information or data presented in graphical form constitutes infographics that are also quick to present and easy to consume. Infographics generate a lot of interest among viewers due to its attractive yet straightforward representation that makes content consumption a breeze. Infographics are fun and receive high sharing on social media. Moreover, other websites with similar interests will use your infographics for their content and link back to your site.

It is possible to create an infographic on any topic by choosing one that is interesting and appealing to the audience you target. Creating infographics is easy because even if you do not have any design skills, you can create an eye-catching infographic by using one of the many online tools.

Get media coverage

With the target on gaining high online visibility, you can take recourse to some offline resources to augment your efforts in online marketing. Develop relationships with the local media so that they provide coverage to your business, which helps in business promotion and even in attracting new customers. When some media mentions about your business, it gathers more authority and helps to earn a position of respect that generates trust. Keep the local media aware about your participation in various activities in local events so that it encourages them to pick up a story from it that they publish on their website and include a backlink to your site.

In addition to sharing your company news, you can do some newsjacking. Newsjacking means that you can seize some breaking news opportunities and infuse your own business story into it. For example, if there is a forecast of heavy storm and rain as a window manufacturing company, you can use the piece of news to spin a story about installing power windows that offer more protection and security in harsh climates and create a news article on it. Building relationships with the local media will surely take your business far and wide across the web.

Use customer data in the content

A sure way of increasing credibility of blog posts is to use data and statistics as it becomes important tools for reinforcing arguments. With a focus on your business finding mention here, there and everywhere, you can make data and statistics related to your business available to other writers for using in their content. This would open the doors for earning tons of backlinks. Emphasize creating customer data that become easy bait for enticing writers who are keen to share the data in their articles. The best way to build customer data is to conduct your research by surveying people from your e-mail list. Choose a topic that is relevant to your industry and generates useful information for the audience. The information becomes the basis for creating content either as a blog post, infographic, or report that includes some charts and graphs that are easy to understand.

Offer a free online tool

An easy way to uphold your website is to create some added attraction that draws people towards it. People are always on the lookout for something useful to them and to meet their expectations; you can offer some free online tools that they find attractive. If you are in financial business that specializes in providing loans, providing a free EMI calculator can help to earn a steady flow of traffic to the website. The free tool can have links to many articles about debt management and debt relief, which helps to generate a steady flow of backlinks. The tools not only help to target your audience but also get a lot of online sharing. The more visibility the website gains, higher are the chances of earning backlinks.

These easy and actionable techniques of earning backlinks should come in handy for small business owners who can enjoy better rankings in search results without spending anything extra. The higher visibility gained from it opens up the gateway for earning backlinks.

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