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Tips For Choosing A Good VPN

A VPN is a good way to protect your privacy but you need to choose the best VPN provider. Remember, you will be handing over access for your online data to a third party so you need to make sure they will protect your data without misusing it. If you are new to using VPNs, you might have a hard time finding the best providers.

Thankfully, there are a few steps you can take to assess whether or not a VPN provider is reliable before making any commitments. Here’s what you need to know about choosing a VPN provider.

1. Check The Provider’s Logging Policy

When choosing a VPN provider, you need to check their logging policy. That way, you can find out the type of information the VPN provider will store about your online activities. You need to know this so you can protect your privacy when online. Make sure you choose a VPN provider with a ‘no logging’ policy. That way, they don’t save information about your online activity or your download activity.

To see the VPN provider’s logging policy, you need to go to their website and read through the privacy policy. The language on the privacy policy might seem a little technical but you can always find the information you need without fail. Make sure you find the section in privacy policy that mentions the type of information collected and the data processed. The best VPN provider should collect basic information such as:

• The username and email address used to register and login to the account.

• Payment information so you can pay for the VPN service. If you want to remain anonymous, you can pay with Bitcoin.

• Optional diagnostic information in the event that your software crashes. If you want more privacy, you can opt out of sending this information.

If this is the only information collected by the provider you are considering, you are in the best hands.

What If They Log More Information?

You should be wary if the VPN provider collects more information than mentioned. Some of the information your VPN provider should not store includes the following:

• Your name (unless it is required for the payment process)

• Your real IP address

• Your current location

• Information about your device such as the OS

• Connection timestamps. They are mostly used for diagnostic purposes but it’s much better if your VPN provider doesn’t use them.

When looking for a VPN provider, you need to be extra careful. Sometimes they might advertise themselves as no logging. However, they will collect information such as the device you use and when you log in thus undermining the privacy. Make sure you read the privacy policy carefully, before choosing a provider.

2. Check The Level Of Encryption On Offer

You need to consider the encryption level when choosing a VPN. A strong encryption is harder to break and offers top notch security. 256-bit encryption is the standard used in the VPN industry. However, most VPN providers offers 128-bit encryption which is less secure. Check the VPN provider’s website under the features section to know the type of encryption offered.

3. How Many Servers Are Available?

You need to choose a VPN provider with many servers to make connections easier. To see the number of servers available look through the VPN provider’s website under the server list option. It will show you the number of servers being offered and their locations. If a VPN provider has more servers, it will be easier and faster for you to connect

However, in practice, there isn’t a huge difference between a VPN provider with 1000 servers or one with double that amount. Just look for one with more than 500 servers for the best results. You need to confirm how many countries the servers will be available in.

You can use VPN to get around any regional restrictions. Just make sure the provider has a server in the country you want to access internet from. If it’s not available, look for one who has access to make your online activities easier.

4. Know The Type Of Speeds To Expect

You should know that using a VPN will slow down your internet connection due to the extra encryption your online data will go through. If you want to minimize the slowdown, you want to choose a VPN with fast servers. It might be a little tough to know how fast your VPN will be. However, a lot of VPN providers advertise the type of speeds they offer. Although, it can be tough to verify this.

Alternatively, you can check the VPN reviews which include a speed test. However, keep in mind that each user has a different experience. That because the speed of the VPN depends on the location of the user and the server in use. For instance, someone in the US connecting to a server in Japan will enjoy different speeds compared to someone located in France who is connected to a server in Germany.

If you want to know the exact speeds offered by the VPN, you need to try it out on your own. Many VPN providers offer a money-back guarantee or a free trial. That way, you can try out their servers to ascertain if you are happy with the speeds before making any payments to one VPN provider.

5. The Types Of Optional Features Available

Before making your final decision, you should check the optional features offered by a VPN provider. To do this, you need to go through the provider’s website. Some of the best optional features you should consider.

• Make sure your VPN providers allow torrenting.

• Software that has a kill switch (it’s very useful for torrent users)

• Make sure there is a server in China (since most VPN providers don’t have servers in China due to the VPN-blocking software used in the country.)

• The ability to allow VPN installation on the router.

• Choose VPN providers that work together with Netflix

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In conclusion, before settling for any VPN provider, you need to do your research and use the tips mentioned above to find the best one. That way, you can access the internet and mask your internet activity accordingly.

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