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The Importance of Licensed Residential and Commercial Electricians

Electricians are one of the most underappreciated workforces out there and should be recognized for their worth and contributions to society. People tend to think of electricians as one of those people who they occasionally call over to repair a fuse box or some other minor component in their house, but licensed residential and commercial electricians are crucial to people’s well being today, both at home and at work.

There are very few pieces of technology out there that people own which aren’t dependent on an electrician to function. Keep in mind just how dependent we are on technology in this day and age. Everyone starts off in the morning grabbing that cup of coffee from the coffee maker and then going to work where they probably use some form of computer to aid them in their daily tasks. After a long day on the job, families are on their devices, watching television, and making supper.

All of these tasks are part of our everyday routine, but the only time that people think of the one thing that keeps it all going is when it isn’t there: electricity. Power grids keep us watching our favorite shows, but even they wouldn’t be of help without someone to wire our homes.

But, what about when someone goes on vacation? Electricians aren’t of much importance then, right? Electricians are also involved in a great deal of urban planning, as well. A family’s entire trailer runs on electricity which has to be run through the campground it’s located in! What about a tent? Well, those street lights in the campground are powered by electricity and so is the bathroom, which offers a hot shower, and all were wired by an electrician!

Yes, everyone owes just about everything they do from day to day to the services that electricians provide.

Keep in mind that what keeps these people respected, though, is that they are also licensed electricians. This may seem to a libertarian like interference from one or more levels of the government, but ensuring that an electrician is licensed is why we don’t have buildings burning down from electrical shorts! That may seem like a glib interpretation of requiring licensing, but without it, an inexperienced electrician could make a lot of mistakes in someone’s home or office. That kind of inexperience can lead to life-threatening situations. It is because licensing is required that electricians have the reputation that they do and deserve!

There are, of course, electricians who do attempt to make a go of it without a license, but they usually do find themselves unable to be part of associations or reputable groups. Their reputation also becomes an issue because their lack of a license hurts their credentials. More than that, licenses require that people meet certain bars, and without them, an electrician can have crucial lapses in their education and training.

We know now that electricians are important but what are the different types? Generally, there are two types of electricians: commercial and residential. The main difference between the two is that residential electricians are responsible for your home whereas commercial electricians are responsible for just about everything else in a city!

Besides that, there are other differences between the two. Residential electricians, for instance, use sheath insulation to prevent families from the dangers of electric shocks. Electricians working on people’s homes also tend to keep those electrical wires out of view, such as in walls, ceilings, and attics. Commercial electricians know that electrical wiring in commercial buildings needs to be easily accessed and so they are readily accessible for repairs, maintenance, and service.

The important point here is that residential electricians take care of your home and that’s their priority. That means that they take care of ensuring that a house is properly wired for what will likely be the next couple of decades at minimum! This is very different from a commercial electrician whose job it is to keep in mind the ever-changing nature of the cityscape. There is a lot more planning involved with commercial wiring. Everyone always appreciates the grandeur of a skyscraper, but no one ever thinks of the gargantuan effort it must take just to properly wire it!

Residential electricians take care of your home life and commercial electricians take care of your work life, but they are both equally important to keeping cities and suburbs bright and functioning. Make no mistake, that without them, people would not be able to make a call, watch their favorite show, or be able to work a regular job!

So, what do licensed electricians do for us? They keep us happy, safe, and warm. Without them, there is very little that we could do in our day to day lives, making them some of the most important people out there!

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