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The Amazing Benefits of Tesla Cars

Telsa cars have gained a great prestige from motor lovers. People are turning to electric cars due to multiple advantages. There are many benefits to tesla cars over conventional diesel/petrol cars. Let’s check out how these vehicles can be beneficial.

Economical to Run

Some people have a misconception that electric cars are expensive to run, but that’s not true at all. Electric vehicles have the benefit of lower running costs. The electricity to recharge a tesla car has much lower cost as compared to what you spend at the gas station. You can do the calculations after buying an electric car. Eventually, you will be saving more money on fuel every day.

Affordable Maintenance

The increasing production of EVs and their batteries have lowered the overall maintenance cost. A tesla car has less moving parts as compared to a conventional diesel/petrol car. That’s why you don’t need to spend thousands of bucks on servicing. There are no costly exhaust systems, radiators, fuel injection systems, starter motors and several other conventional parts in an electric vehicle.

Rotor is the only moving part in BEVs, making them simple and powerful to run. You just need to maintain tires, suspension and brakes. Batteries don’t wear out soon as they come with years of warranty. So you don’t need to worry about replacement batteries.


Tesla cars help reduce the harmful air pollution coming from exhaust emissions. You will add no pollution to the environment while running an electric vehicle due to zero exhaust emissions.

Users of tesla cars can reduce the greenhouse gas emissions even more if they use renewable energy for recharging purpose. You can easily recharge your electric car from solar panel system during daytime instead of using electricity from the grid. Tesla also offers solar and powerful recharge solutions to help recharge cars efficiently. Moreover, the company uses eco-friendly material in the production of its cars.

Health Benefits

Using Tesla cars is very advantageous to health. There are no harmful exhaust emissions to spoil the air quality. People can enjoy breathing in fresh air, which eventually results in less health problems. Electric motors in these cars don’t create any noise and run very smoothly on the road. You won’t notice any noise even at high acceleration rates. So people living next to road will not have to suffer from high noise. Tesla cars help in the elimination of noise pollution as they are quieter than petrol vehicles. A recent research by University in Brussels told that the complete lifecycle emissions from EVs are a quarter less than for internal combustion engines or ICEs.

Improved Safety Features

According to the recent findings, tesla car features improve overall safety of the driver and passengers. EVs have a very low center of gravity, making them hard to roll over. Tesla cars have a reduced risk of explosions as there is no petrol involved. The body construction and great durability make EVs much safer in case of any mishap or collision. If you are impressed by all these benefits and want to sell your car and want to buy new car it’s not difficult anymore .Now you can sell used car in 30 minutes in UAE with best companies and

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