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Study of Legislation Surrounding Vaping

In the past few years vaping has become quite popular especially among teenagers and young adults. Those who’re still not aware about this rapidly increasing habit must know that vaping is actually done by smoking from an electronic cigarette that has an attached flavor compartment and a heating mechanism that is operated by battery. According to researchers, the amount of smoke produced via vaping is much higher and denser as compared to regular cigarette smoking. These huge clouds of smoke are not only effecting the lungs of the user, in fact they are also adversely affecting the people around you. Recently, FDA has started highlighting this matter and is trying to revamp a number of rules and legislations regarding vaping.

What are the initial measures

Recently, the FDA commissioner, Scott Gottlieb has contacted some of the most popular vape and flavor making companies. According to him, the reason why the ratio of vaping has doubled especially among youngsters is because of the variety of flavors they get to smoke via vaping. Keeping this matter in mind, the FDA has sent notices to multiple companies in which they have strictly told them to tighten or completely stop the production of fruity flavors. The FDA is also trying to put a halt on online sale of e-cigarette flavors so that 8th graders and other 15 year olds do not have easy access to vaping. In the near future, you won’t be able to sell fruity flavors in the market without proper authorization. In addition there has been a crackdown on the vape store level as well. Vape store clerks are asking for IDs of individuals that look too young to purchase e cigarettes. In fact, there have been some undercover sting operations that have taken place to keep store owners honest.

What to do next

Some of the major states across America are trying to limit the use of vaping among youngsters by increasing the age limit to 19. In some states, the government has started to impose a high tax on e- cigarettes and fruity flavors so that it becomes hard for teenagers to purchase such items. Recently, a number of bills have been passed in order to limit the use of e cigarettes especially among youngsters. Some states have strictly put a ban on vaping in public and almost all states have a strict law against vaping while driving. According to government officials, the best way to stop vaping is to limit the access of e cigarettes and fruity flavors across the nation.

How can this benefit the society

The availability of e-cigarettes used to be just like buying a bubble gum from the market. This easy access to vapes is gradually destroying the health of our young generation. By taking strict actions and passing multiple bills, the government officials are making sure that these youngsters don’t have easy access to e-cigarettes as well as their flavors. These all new legislations are still at their initial stages but are likely to generate positive results in the coming future. When youngsters won’t be able to easily find these electronic devices from the market, most of them will automatically stop craving for them. Majority of the young e-cigarette addicts might find other less harmful ways to quench their thirst resulting in a clean and healthy society.

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