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Safe Connection: The Reality

Programs for rapid information exchange are the most widespread nowadays. WhatsApp, Telegram, Kik, Skype, etc. make it possible for you to find friends from different corners of the world, communicate in real-time and share any files and info you’re willing to. However, these services also have their cons such as the threat of personal data leakage.

Safeguarding Yourself Online

Application data encoding technology is widespread nowadays. There are concerns that the codes may be opened when someone enters the web from a public place connecting to a wireless network and ignoring to secure email address.

Telegram management cooperated with Open Whisper Systems a year ago for solving the security problem. Measures were taken to introduce the security Signal Protocol which works according to the end-to-end encryption scheme meaning that users exchanged data will bypass the central server using the VPN principle, and the encoding method is going to be used by default.

The updated version is protected by a protocol providing strong encryption of both messages and calls. Now when you have a VPN for your device, you may not be afraid of significant information leaks, as well as you can verify the authenticity of incoming text and calls. This can be done by checking the QR code or recording a voice message.

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