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Puffco Peak Neon Review: On Theme, On Point

The first of its kind, the Puffco Peak was the device that set the golden standard for portable dab rigs. It’s had several iterations but the latest, the Puffco Peak Neon Lightning Edition, deserves it’s time on the spotlight. You can get one by following this link:

The Puffco Peak Neon Lightning shares the same DNA with the OG Peak which is why you’d see similar features with a few minor improvements from its predecessor. The Puffco Peak Neon Lightning features a glow-in-the-dark silicone base which represents Puffco’s obsessive pursuit of perfection. The Puffco Peak Neon Lightning offers the highest form of experience with its carefully crafted components made from raw materials of the highest quality. It performs as good as the original models with the added twist of the base which lights up and the all-new filigrana inner-cone. The new Puffco Peak Neon Lightning Edition is the perfect lifestyle portable e-rig for those who like to get medicated on-the-go.

Psychedelic Visuals

The Puffco Peak Neon is part of the lightning edition models that started with the Puffco Peak Lucid Lightning Edition model. These Puffco Peak iterations in particular offer a silicone coated base that lights up as you use it. This is made possible through the translucent base of the Puffco Peak Neon that lights up in neon-green and in other colors that represent the temperature levels that the Puffco Peak Neon runs with. The lights offer a surreal display for individuals and consumers who want a portable rig that can take them into deeper reverie with stunning and psychedelic visuals making the Puffco Peak Neon the ideal e-rig for people who enjoy both the tangible and the intangible aspects of wax concentrate consumption.

The idea and the overall theme for Puffco Peak Neon Lightning Edition was inspired by a deeper understanding of ourselves and how we are when our minds are freed. Puffco believes that we’ve always known more about the outer space than we do about the space within our minds – the expanse we only get to explore when we are lifted and are medicated. Puffco believes that the visual effect of the neon lights from the base of this portable dab rig facilitates the perfect environment for digging deeper into one’s mind, into one’s thoughts. The neon green lights from the unit itself creates the ideal backdrop for self-discovery and encourages you to explore your inner space, a place on you can access.

This idea brought Puffco the Neon Lightning Edition, a somewhat old-school feel with a new-school vibe. This is why the Puffco Peak Neon Lightning Edition sports a neon green motif in general.

Themed Technology

The base of the Puffco Peak Neon not only stays in theme with a neon green design but also features the latest in vaping technology including a haptic feedback which allows the Puffco Peak Neon to communicate with you and tell you that it understands each command you ask it to do. The haptic feedback makes the base of the Puffco Peak Neon vibrate when the materials are vaporized and the vapors are ready for consumption. The haptic feedback technology ensures that you take your pulls exactly at the right time with accuracy and precision so you enjoy optimum vapor production every session.

Furthermore, the base of the Puffco Peak Neon is outfitted with a smartware that ensures automatic calibration and adjustment of how your bowl is heated. It reads how warm or how cool your bowl is so it can easily adjust the cycle and the run time of the Puffco Peak Neon giving you a more consistent experience when running sesh-mode or when in constant use. This feature prevents over and under cooked dabs.

The Puffco Peak Neon Lightning Edition offers four fine-tuned preset temperature profiles that let you experience all the benefits your select wax concentrate can offer. It lets you explore the full spectrum of effects and results that you can get from your materials. It covers all the right temperature ranges from low to high allowing you to take on micro dabs and large dabs without having to sacrifice the overall quality of the vapor. The unique temperature settings make for a convenient means of finding your sweet spot even when compared to a device that offers precise temperature selection. This way, even beginners will find it easy to tune in to their inner selves as they find the perfect temperature profile to match their tolerance and their preference – heck, even advanced users do prefer having to choose from four simple profiles instead of spending time finding a temperature level they’re comfortable with.

Perfect for the Modern-Day Consumer

The Puffco Peak Neon Lightning Edition is tailor-fit for the modern-day consumer but is still made convenient enough that even those who are used to more traditional ways to dab will find it easy to adapt to the Puffco Peak way of dabbing.

Many of today’s consumers are always on the move, always on their feet, and are living a busy and a fast-paced lifestyle. This is why they simply can’t afford to settle for a while to get medicated or even spend time lounging around and idly waiting for their dabs to be ready. For today’s generation of consumers, time is precious – time is gold. This is why Puffco built the Peak models to be efficient and effective means of wax concentrate consumption giving today’s generation of dab enthusiasts and dab connoisseurs the power of a desktop rig in the palm of their hands and does so in style. The Puffco Peak Neon Lightning Edition takes only 20 seconds to heat up and get your concentrates ready. It’s the peak of vape innovation that takes you on a higher journey to getting elevated. No matter what your needs are, be it for recreational or medical use, the Puffco Peak Neon Lightning Edition can give you the perfect vapor production that’s always clean and pure. Even the inner-cone of the Puffco Peak Neon’s water filtration component features neon green filigrana linings that keeps everything on point and on theme. It’s got everything you’ll ever need and is equipped to the teeth both aesthetically and technologically.

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