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Proper Gun Storage: What You Should Know

Every year, we hear of unnecessary injuries and deaths due to accidental shooting at home. According to studies conducted by Gallup and the Pew Research Center, four out ten people in the US live in households with guns. While we always dream of a gun-less society, many believe that owning a gun is necessary for security and protection.

Unfortunately, having a gun at home poses a risk especially to households with young children. In fact, the best way to prevent children from being injured or killed by a gun is not to keep one at home and avoid households with gun. But if owning one is inevitable, proper storage is vital to help keep everyone at home safe.

How to store a gun safely?

Proper gun storage is key to preventing unwanted gun-related accidents. This is true not just for households with children.

When storing a gun, make sure to unload it first. As much as possible, disassemble the firearm and store the bullets separate from it. Lock it up in a compartment and keep the keys away from children’s reach.

Generally, modern guns are equipped with a number of safety and security features that make accidental shooting nearly impossible. Common safety feature include a vise that covers the trigger. You can also use a thick cable to lock up the barrel. If your gun is not equipped with locks, you can buy cable-style gun locks.

Keep the gun secured and locked up in cabinet, gun vault, or storage case. It is highly recommended that you invest in any of the best gun cases on the market. Gun safes and cases come in different sizes, designs and locking technology. Some can hold one or several guns. Usually, it comes with a key or combination lock. Some advanced models feature fingerprint-activated locking mechanism. These locked compartments can give you peace of mind knowing that no one will get harmed by your gun.

Once you arrive home, make sure to store the gun right away. Never take out the gun in the open when not necessary. Don’t bring it around the home as well as outdoors. You might accidentally misplace it or leave it in an outdoor structure such as best portable garages snow load. Kids might get a hand of it – and it’s here where mishaps can happen.

Gun safety advocates recommend storing and locking ammunition apart from the gun in different locations. Perhaps, you can store the barrel in a locked cabinet in your room while the ammunition is placed in your bathroom. Make sure that the storage spots are all out of children’s rich. Other gun-cleaning supplies or accessories should also be kept properly.

Gun safety in households with children

Kids and guns never go well with each other. We know that children are naturally curious. They tend to play with whatever stuff they find. This is why the American Academy of Pediatrics calls for increased vigilance to gun owners, even if there are no kids in the household. Once a child can crawl, there is an increased risk, so guns must be kept locked at all times.

Children should also be taught what to do in case they find or see a firearm. Tell them to stop whatever they are doing. Stay away from the gun. Do not touch it and report it immediately to an adult. Always tell kids never to touch a gun or go near it, especially when there are no adults around.

Why proper gun storage is vital?

Even with adequate warnings, children just cannot fully understand how dangerous firearms are. Guns are just very intriguing to them. If they come across a gun, they can accidentally injure or kill themselves or others.

Aside from young children, teens are also unsafe around guns. Teens who are feeling down or depressed may use their gun to hurt themselves and to find a way out of their problems. Many teenage suicides often involve guns they find at home or from a friend or relative. As with young children, teens should not be allowed to use guns without adult supervision.

If someone in the household is feeling depressed or has suicidal thoughts, make sure that all guns are locked up. As much as possible, there should be no guns around the household.

The risks are also apparent not just among household members but also others who may have access to your home. For example, a friend of your kids might accidentally find your gun. The perils are always there so precautions must be seriously taken.

With safe gun storage, you can limit the possibility of injuries and deaths associated with guns and firearms. When you own a gun, always put in mind the possible risks it entails. You definitely don’t want a loved one to get hurt because of your negligence. So, be extra careful whenever handling and storing your gun.

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