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How to Survive Student Nurse Management Placement with Modern Technology

There is one last, final placement a student must endure before they finally graduate to become regular nurses, and that is the student nurse placement. There are many things to remember, but one of the most important resources that are available to a nurse is one that wasn’t available just twenty years ago. Software is now available through a simple, downloadable app to make a student nurse’s life a little bit easier and to take some of the weight off of their shoulders.

There are, of course, other things to keep in mind. First, don’t believe that a person will pass just because they showed up. It’s not as easy as that and neither is a life in nursing. The nurse assigned to a student is going to make sure that they are ready for the hectic life they already live and will not approve a student who isn’t able to take on those duties.

Also, realize that a student nurse needs to be prepared for the department they’re going to be assigned to. It’s always good to look into the basics of what’s expected if a student nurse is going to be assigned to pediatrics, for example. Additionally, if one has been given any material ahead of time, it’s best to peruse the material as carefully as possible before walking through the door.

Most of what a student nurse needs to know before they start on their first day is to understand that organization skills, flexibility, and punctuality are of the utmost importance. These should be obvious to most, but usually aren’t. A sloppy nurse who’s always late isn’t going to appear to be the best candidate to become a regular nurse!

That comes to the most important trait that a student nurse needs on that first day on the job and every day afterwards: a good attitude. That means that a good student nurse knows how to be a team player, get along with his/her co-workers as well as get along with his/her patients. They’ll also take the opportunity to learn and to help out.

With all of these things to juggle, it would, of course, be helpful to have someone else take care of at least some of these responsibilities, but who would do that for a new student nurse?

The truth of the matter is that few people would do that for a newbie, but there is software available now that a student nurse can download to their phones which will make their life easier. In the situation they’re in, every break they can get helps and that’s what this app is for.

A student nurse realizes very quickly that keeping track of their rotations is almost a full time job in and of itself. There’s more than just a time in and time out to think about with shifts but also other information like the instructors assigned to them and the location of the shift. A Rotation Manager allows a student nurse to keep track of that information at the tap of a finger. With that, there is no longer any need to worry about when and where a student nurse needs to be or who they’re reporting to.

This new bit of software also allows nurses to take notes on what they’ve experienced on their phone for future reference and it allows them to provide feedback to their instructors. Note taking would be invaluable for any student nurse who knows that they’ll need to refer back to that previous experience at some time in the future.

The student nurse also has access to a storage area, called a vault, where they are able to request letters of recommendation in addition to having a place to store them. Getting a recommendation is one thing, having a place to store them is another. This little feature gives everyone the ability to have easy access to them.

These neat new apps can also order background checks and even drug screenings for a student nurse. No one likes to have to implement such a program, but there are state and provincial governments that do demand that a new nurse goes through the proper screenings for drugs. They also routinely ask for background checks. This protects everyone and is simplified by this little app that manages to make it a little more painless!

Finally, these new apps allow the student nurse to ask for referrals from hospital educators to Human Resources departments where there is access to rotations, as well.

In the hectic world of nursing, a new student nurse is facing a scary situation on that first day and no one would blame them for wanting that day to be a little easier. Luckily, this app does just that!

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