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Don’t Fail American History-Take an American History Quiz Fast from MagiQuiz!

History Does NOT Have to Be Boring!

Let’s face it. When it comes to American History, Americans get a pretty bad rap. After all, according to MagiQuiz, 77% of Americans FAIL their American History Quiz. Ouch! Well, luckily, MagiQuiz’s American History quizzes are here to change all of that. Whether American History was your favorite subject in school, or the worst, Magiquiz has got you covered. Take their American History quizzes as many times as you need and then sign up for Jeopardy. After taking one of these quizzes you will be ready for the big leagues!

What is it about American History that boggles the mind? Is it all the different wars, the dates, or the famous people who annoying often have a similar name? Perhaps, your teacher in school made American History so boring you couldn’t even keep your eyes open. Thankfully, Magiquiz is making history, what it should be, EPIC! History is the story or narrative to the events that shaped the way America is today, for better or worse. Understanding American History, means you get politics, scandals, revolutions, or love triangles. Either way, American History is anything but boring, but who has time to open up a huge tome at the library or read at home. Magiquiz is bringing you the best and most challenging American History quizzes! You can play by yourself or others. Make it a family night for everyone and challenge your kids to join in the fun!

MagiQuiz-Fun Ways To Learn History and Challenge Your Friends

Magiquiz gets an amazing one million visitors a month. That’s one million people learning on the fly, in between work, or on their commute. Don’t miss out on expanding your mind with Magiquiz’s amazing and tough American History quizzes.

American History has never been this exciting thanks to Magiquiz! Here are just some of their exciting American History quizzes. First things first. History is about people, places, and things, right? Magiquiz American History quizzes are so eclectic, bring the people, events, and even iconic places to life.

  • The Average American Should Identify These 12 Historical Figures-Only 12 not so bad, right. This quiz is perfect for the visual learner. Surprise yourself and others by how many you recognize. Missed a few? No problem. It’s a great opportunity to beef up your American History knowledge asap!
  • Magiquiz also has super fun personality quizzes so you can figure out which historical figure you are most like as well as which conqueror in history could be your scary twin!
  • History Quiz for a 5th Grader-Yes! Time to be embarrassed. Take this fun quiz and put your friends to shame! Take it a few times so you get it all right then share it on your social. Your friends will all be dying to prove they are smarter than a fifth-grader.
  • Civil War History Quiz-One of the most important historical events for American history, yet the one so many know so little about. Polish up your Civil War knowledge with this brain-breaking quiz!
  • What time period do you belong in? Ever feel like you just don’t belong? Taking a Magiquiz personality test is more like taking an in-depth look into your true self. History repeats itself as they say. Find out from an epic history quiz if you are really a 18th-century prince or a 21st century AI engineer.


No matter what your educational level, quizzes, especially from Magiquiz, are so fun! With so many different types of history quizzes available on their site, everyone can find a fun quiz to learn from and of course, challenge their friends. With so many visitors participating in their quizzes, Magiquiz has hand-crafted the most amazing, challenging and creative quizzes ever. Enjoy and be sure to check out their latest American History quiz today!

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