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Can Chronic Sinus Infections Lead To Hearing Loss?

Everyone has experienced a sinus infection from time to time. Most people usually acquire them in the spring and summer months when the pollen is high and interacts with the upper respiratory system. While it may seem like you are dying and losing your hearing when your sinuses are infected, most of the time the condition clears itself up over a few days.

On the other hand, some people have chronic sinus infections that don’t clear up all the time. In fact, the condition continues to come back every few months or even weeks and the symptoms start all over again. As you can imagine, this is hard on the body, and the pressure also affects hearing. So you may be wondering, ‘can a chronic sinus infection cause permanent hearing damage?’ This article will give more insight into the matter.

Yes, It Can Cause Permanent Damage

The simple answer to the previous question is yes, your sinus infection can cause permanent hearing damage. According to, a chronic sinus infection is caused when the pressure spreads to the inner ear. When this happens it causes fluid that is built up in the sinus cavities to overflow into the Eustachian tubes. As the eustachian tubes are swelling and possibly become infected, the pressure builds up toward the eardrum, which causes pain and loss of hearing.

Before the permanent hearing loss occurs you may get some warning signs. With chronic sinus infections, one of the main signs is tinnitus (or ringing in the ears). According to the American Tinnitus Association’s website, any slight pressure from the sinuses, even from the cold and flu can cause acute tinnitus. How much more so that it is possible with chronic sinus infections. If you have any ringing in your ear or any other symptoms with your hearing that concerns you with a sinus infection, it is time for you to see a medical professional.

I Think I Might Have Some Hearing Loss, What Should I Do?

If you have had chronic sinus infections and feel that your hearing has been struggling, it is imperative that you make an appointment with either Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) doctor or an Audiologist. If you go to an ENT you may be referred to the other to run a series of tests to see the extent of your hearing loss and if it can be reversed.

Since it may be a burden to be referred from doctor to doctor, some hearing centers are trying to make this less stressful on the patients by having ENT and Audiologist in the same office. According to New Jersey audiologist expert Dr. Karen McQuaide, the Becker Hearing Center makes sure that the patient is being put first and treated with compassionate care.

Dr. McQuaide has been in the medical field for over 20 years and is always focused on holistic care for patients. It also makes sense that her team at the Becker Hearing Center are the same way. They have state of the art technology that helps them with diagnosing and treating many hearing and respiratory problems, such as chronic sinus infection symptoms.

If you are not in any of the areas where the Becker Hearing Center is located, a quick internet search can give you a list of the top hearing centers in your personal area. It is also a good idea to read reviews on the team there to make sure that you get the best possible care for your ears and hearing. Don’t be shy, these medical hearing centers are there to help you so asking questions and giving as many details as possible will help them come up with the best plan for your hearing issues.

What Else Can I Do?

While it is true that permanent hearing loss can occur from chronic sinus infections, it is not something that you should be concerned about every time you get a sinus infection. There are steps that you can take before any hearing issues arise. Here are some of the most common treatments

  • Allergy Test To Test For Any Triggers
  • Culture Test From Nasal and Sinus Discharge
  • Nasal corticosteroids
  • Aspirin Desensitization Treatments
  • Nasal Irrigation With Saline
  • Antibiotics If Bacteria Is Found In Sinuses

Of course, this is not a complete list of ways to treat chronic sinus issues.

However, it gives you a baseline for what type of treatments are out there. Of course, you can help yourself by getting as much rest as possible and cleaning out your nasal passages to remove any irritants in the area. It is also a good idea to eat a whole diet that includes more vegetables and vitamins.

If you are diagnosed with irreversible hearing damage from your sinus pressure, it is also a good idea to discuss options like hearing aids with your local hearing center. They can also come up with a treatment plan to reduce the impact of hearing loss for you.

While it can be a scary ordeal to have chronic sinus infections, it is good to know that you are not alone with your medical treatments. Losing your hearing whether temporary or permanent can have devastating impacts on your life. How much more so would it be if you didn’t have a way to get the help that you need?

By working with a Hearing Center for your hearing issues from your sinus, it can help you to have a feeling of hope even if your damage is irreversible. Even your primary doctor can help you with your chronic sinus symptoms and treat them as much as possible.

By getting the help that you need, you can always be in control of your sinus health, it can help to give you a good sense of control. No matter what your diagnosis may be, it will always be easier knowing that there is a team to help guide you through.

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