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7 Points worth Considering while Creating Video Landing Pages

Does your websites’ conversion rate suck?

If yes, try Video Landing Pages.

Neil Patel admits on his blog that ever since he has introduced videos on his homepage, the conversion rate of his website has gone up significantly.

So, before writing off your website venture as an absolute failure, try video landing pages.

If you ask me, as to why am I so hell-bent on promoting videos, the answer is users tend to watch internet videos for almost 2.7 minutes, despite their average attention span being ridiculously low, that is 8.25 seconds. This is mainly because videos are considered to be more engaging than any other form of media, and engagement is a key element on the buyer’s journey.

But then, you can’t add just any videos to your landing page campaign and think that your job is done for the day.

Take into consideration the following seven vital points to make sure that your video clicks with the audience.

1) Take a VIDEO-FIRST approach

Generally speaking, businesses tend to create informative and educational landing pages first and foremost. And then add videos on the top of it. This is a wrong approach, according to experts. You need to take a video-first approach. Taking a video-first approach means you need to create a video first and then build your landing page content around it. Simply put, the messaging should be the secondary focus. The primary focus should be on your video and its content.

2) Focus on Creating BIGGER Videos

The screens are getting bigger and bigger day by day. Be it phones, tablets, TVs and more the screens are getting bigger and better. So, make sure that your video is big enough to fill the screen space. The fact is, when the screen is big, people are more likely to click the “play” button. Use video editing software to arrive at the correct aspect ratio of your videos.

3) Make Video CENTRAL to your page

If you have a hero banner at the top of your page, chuck that out and replace it with a video. This will help you to capture your visitor’s attention quickly. In short, the moment the visitors land on your page, they should be inspired to play the video.

4) Avoid AUTOPLAYING the Videos

Online users prefer to have complete control in their hands. So, if they land on a page and the video suddenly starts playing, they might not like the experience and might want to leave the page on an immediate basis. So, the point is, avoid setting videos on an autoplay mode.

However, if you are driving people to your video landing page via emails, then it makes sense to have your videos in an autoplay mode. It’s because the users have already clicked the thumbnail within the email and may not like to click again.

5) SEO Optimize the videos

You not only have to optimize your landing page, but you also need to optimize your video as well. Have you heard of Video Schema Markup? Nope? Ok, the markup will help search engines crawl video content and display them to the right audience in search results. For SEO optimization of your videos you can consult some top video production companies.

6) Focus on SHORTER videos

As mentioned above, the attention span of humans is low. So, no matter what, resist coming up with eight-minute videos on your landing pages. Ideally, a video shouldn’t be longer than 90 seconds. In case you think that a 90 second won’t be enough to do justice to your product, then, in that case, you could produce several versions of a video, each of different duration and then A/B test them to see if it works or not. Your video shouldn’t be so long that it might bore your visitors and make them jump over to competitor site.

7) Avoid ANIMATION if budget is low

Granted. Using animation can be really useful to drive home a point. If you have an in-house videographer, you should readily try it out.

Outsourcing animation jobs could prove costly and could drive up your production costs in no small measure. So, if you can avoid it, better avoid it.

Final Say

There you go! 7 Points to take note of before you start creating videos for your landing pages. Videos prompt reluctant prospects to take action when conventional landing pages might fail to do so.

If you are already using videos on your landing pages, we’d like to listen to your success stories here.

Author Bio: This is Jennifer Warren, staff writer at GoodFirms – a review and research platform for top ecommerce development companies, digital marketing companies, web development companies among many others

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