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10 Top YouTube Channels for Entrepreneurs

Our world is moving forward all the time. Technologies are capturing every sphere of our activity. Every day we face some problems and ask for a piece of advice. Today you do not necessarily need to go to a specialized institution to request information. Everything can be found on the Internet. What is even more popular today – blogs and YouTube channels. People openly tell about their experience, the problems, they have faced with, and the ways of solution of those problems.

Here are the list of most subscribed youtubers for business people, which might help or inspire for a better decision in your career.

NUMBER #1 The Google Business Channel

This channel is a box of tools and tips for those people who are starting their own small business. On the channel, you can find some helpful advice on the questions of hiring people, analyzing data and case studying. It is a kind of guide that can help you to boost your knowledge and skills in running a business. The channel seems to be oriented on the beginners; however, even people who have successful corporations can find useful tips about novelties on the market.

NUMBER #2 Marie Forleo – Matia T. V.

Maria is a great inspirational leader of this generation of business people. She produces interviews with famous business leaders and gives her own opinion on some business problems. Marie has also created some online training for people who are trying to launch their business. The woman is not only clever but also can attract you with her special charm.

NUMBER #3 Video influencers

The channel is aimed at helping people to earn money by creating videos.  The fact is that Sean Cannell – one of the owners of the channel – has helped his clients to get over $5 million in revenue. His partner, Benji Travis, helps to get billion + views on the channels that he helps developing. These guys can help a lot to people for whom new technologies are something totally ‘Greek’. They were noted by different profitable companies and work with them also.

NUMBER #4 Roberto Blake

The man with the slogan “Always Be Creating” helps all the creative entrepreneurs to make money from social media, vlogs, and other visualizations. He tries to combine improving the technical skills of people and to boost their creativity. His message is that any person who is passionate about what he or she does is fated at success.


All of us know about TED and its projects (like TED Talks, TED Students, etc.) This great channel can help everybody in different spheres of their life. Entrepreneurs can also find something new for them as on TED they can watch inspirational and helpful speeches of people, who have reached success. TED is a great tool to broaden your outlook and get new skills in the branch that you need. It is also a powerful tool for people who have run out of ideas and need to reveal their stress. 

NUMBER #6 Y Combinator

The channel contains plenty of information about the ways to run your startup and develop it into a profitable business. The speakers of the channel are great business people who have reached success with their own knowledge, like Mark Zuckerberg or Elon Musk.

NUMBER #7 Tai Lopez

The channel owned by a business advisor to over 20 multi-million dollar businesses, investor and partner of a couple of famous business corporations. He is an experienced businessman who can show the right way for a beginner by analyzing the situation on the market and helping in strategy developing. Recently, he has produced a guide called “Mentor shortcuts”, having transformed his knowledge into 67 steps to be a successful entrepreneur. 

NUMBER #8 Bryan Elliott – Behind the Brand

The name speaks for itself. Bryan holds interviews with successful and rich people, who were working on their names during years. They usually are YouTube gurus, C-suite execs, business founders who have started from scratch. His show provides you with important people profiles in details and goes far behind the existing brand to the roots of its creation. Each episode shows some kind of secret of a famous person that you can learn and try to use in your business activity.

NUMBER #9 Stanford Business Channel

The channel releases talks of notable graduates of Stanford School of Business like Debra Lee or Sheryl Sandberg. The videos are not tedious lectures but challenging and thought-provoking. The videos are spectacular, so they are interesting to watch, but also they are highly informative and can be applied to any sphere of business as the variety of topics is wide. The channel is a fantastic gathering of useful information presented in a proper way.

NUMBER #10 Robin Sharma

Last, but never least. The owner has released about 15 books on leadership with a circulation of 15 million books over about 100 countries. He writes about the effectiveness of the business, methods of dealing with stress, the ways to get inspiration, and the tips of being a great leader. In his videos, he shares information about building a business and also discovers tactics of achieving the best results in business life. Robin was a mentor of NASA, Nike, Starbucks, Unilever, IBM, The Ritz-Carlton Hotels, and many other companies.

To sum up, it is important to remember that only your own work and passion for your business can lead you to the top. However, it is also always good to consult the experts in the sphere that you work. Therefore our Top of Channels can help you to find the solution to some most common problems that appear in business.

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