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Why Only Plumbers Should Work on Your Pipes and How to Find the Best San Diego Plumber

There are many reasons why you may want to do things yourself when you have problems with slow-draining pipes or leaks, and other things that only a licensed plumber should be working on. We get it, you want to save money as much as possible. But not only are you often causing a problem that is making things worse, but you probably weren’t practicing the best plumbing-friendly practices in the first place, so in general, you should at least consult with a plumber before you try to do anything more than plunge something and do basic troubleshooting first.

We Have the Tendency to Do Things That are Unhealthy

When we have annoying clogged drains, we often react by pouring chemicals down the drain. The downside to this is that if one doesn’t work, we’ll go to the store and get another, and then another, making a toxic slew of chemicals that are just lingering in our sewer pipes. This is really dangerous not only for us, but also for the licensed plumber when they get there to fix the problem.

Not only that, but that toxic sludge can actually cause more problems with your drain pipes, and deteriorate them. Your best bet is to not use your drain pipes as garbage disposals (don’t flush things other than toilet paper down the toilet even if it says “flushable”, try to keep hair out of the drains as much as possible, and quit pouring things like food and grease down your drains in the first place).

Make Sure You Know Where the Main Valve Is

One of the worst things you can do is not know where your home’s water main is. By not knowing where it’s at you’re also making it a lot harder for your plumber to get the job done. If you can get to it, being able to shut it off quickly is pretty essential and will save you a lot of headache during a leak, as well as your wallet because you won’t have as high of a water bill. Plus, it makes it easier to tell the plumber where it’s at so he can turn it off and on when needed.

Plumbing Can Be Dangerous

Things like water heaters, drain pipes, hot water pipes, toilets, and even sinks can be serious risks that you really don’t need to be messing with if you’re not a licensed plumber. Do you have plumber’s insurance? Well, if you’re not a plumber, probably not. Drain pipes and sewer pipes for example are not only normally cesspools for chemicals that are risky and can cause problems, but also a lot of harmful bacteria that you probably don’t want in your body. Anything that’s dealing with hot water systems or hot water is also dangerous and also poses many electrical and even burning risks.

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Leave the plumbing to licensed plumbers. When it comes to finding a plumber in San Diego, you want a reliable plumber that has years of experience, excellent reviews (not just on their website, as they’re going to make sure those are five-star, duh) and don’t be afraid to ask around. Make sure you see proof of their insurance and license, and don’t be angry at them if they tell you something they don’t do, or tell you how to troubleshoot a clog problem without chemicals first. Many times it’s not that they don’t want to deal with you, they just don’t want you shelling out extra cash with something you can do yourself.

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