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What Will Be the Future of Machine Learning

The presence of numerous technological applications and search engines like Bing and Google, have significantly revolutionized our lives. Technology is overwhelmingly taking off at a turbo speed and most of human activities are getting replaced by automated machines. These machines have the capability to perform better than humans. Unlike humans, machines don’t get exhausted, and they can multitask at higher speeds.

Millions of people access search engines daily. Their search provide data which when analyzed by experts and engineers using, leads to common patterns and trends. Through coding and use of algorithms, programs can learn and respond to whatever kind of request created. Isn’t this interesting? Can you imagine owning a machine with a program that can pick groceries from the store, cook and at the same time detect danger in the house? Let us look at the future of machine learning across various platforms.


Teachers multitask on teaching, marking exams, grading, counseling and a lot more. No machine has been created to replace teachers, but through the technology of machine learning, there is a possibility of developing an automated program that can simplify the work of a teacher. Applications can be programmed through revised data to respond accordingly to students’ needs. Results, class attendance, and disciplinary notes can be subjected to algorithms. These algorithms will help to point out elements that students need to work on in order to excel. This will reduce the amount of energy and time previously spent, and more importantly, it will grant students freedom to seek and learn about their situation.


It is evident that when you visit a hospital for a medical checkup, a machine is used to scan and predict a possible ailment. This has reduced time spent in taking and analyzing samples in the laboratory. With emerging lifestyle trends, cases of vicious diseases like cancer are emerging across the world. Databases based on a patient’s environment, age, gender, and genetic history are thus necessary and are helpful in evaluating a patient’s condition and creating an awareness program. Hospitals are currently destined to use software’s that are programmed accurately to detect tumors. This was an uphill task in the past.

Digital marketing

There is a growing demand for commodities around the globe. Companies are in a stiff competition and are striving to market their products. Through analyzed data, in regard to customer needs, an algorithm can be programmed to leverage customer needs. Through segmentation of client purchasing power and behavior, companies will be able to create a rapport with clients, therefore, market their products easily and extensively.


The prospect of good transport will be enhanced by machine learning. Using algorithms, a program can tract moving vehicles and identify traffic and accidents on the road. Driving experience will improve because of self-driving cars. Automated program will create trips on basis of when to leave in regard to the condition of the road. Acquiring of insurance will get easy. Data from the number of trips made and accelerometer readings will aid insurance companies to create a program that supports a certain behavior, which will allow for renewing of an insurance.

Closing remarks

The use of machine learning is arguably one of the greatest revolutions that humankind will encounter. People will have to rest at their comfort zones and issue dictates to machines to perform needed tasks. The staggering advancement in engineering and data analysis, which is evident signals a mind blowing future that will be marked by machines performing most complex and astonishing activities at a reduced time and energy.

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