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Top 10 Tips to Ensure Workplace Security

Workplace security is of paramount importance to businesses. When you talk about workplace security, it is an encompassing task that covers the security of employees, clients, visitors, and everyone within the premises of the business; as well as, supplies, assets, equipment, and classified documents.

It is a legal responsibility of every business to keep their premises secured. But more than just an obligation, ensuring a solid security policy provides reassurance to employees and clients making them feel more comfortable and confident. Workplace security can also help prevent unwanted incidents and crimes. This is particularly important considering that businesses are often targeted by burglars, unauthorized intruders, and sabotage.

Considering the importance of workplace security, it’s essential to regularly review how you keep your business premises safe and secure. Below are some security measures and tips you can implement.

Ensure reliable security coverage

Security personnel provide a primary form of workplace protection. Security guards prevent the likelihood of threats from unscrupulous intruders. They can also help ensure general peace and security within the workplace. Plus, their visible presence gives everyone in the facility a feeling of added protection and safety.

Identify critical points

Although your entire facility requires security, some areas call for heightened protection. Assess your entire workplace to determine which areas have valuable assets and safes. These spots require more vigilance and better security measures. Upgrading surveillance, such as by installing best security lights, within these spots can also help improve protection.

Secure all entrances and exits

Prevent unauthorized access in your facility by investing in an effective door or access system. One popular security technology is the key-card access system which ensures that only authorized personnel can enter the building or access specific areas. Employees are given a badge. Anyone who is not an employee and wishes to enter the building is required to sign in at the reception to get a visitor’s badge. In addition, installing interior and exterior cameras can help heighten surveillance and monitor all activities within the workplace.

Invest in a reliable security system

Ideally, workplace security system should alert you and the local authorities or police in case of a break-in. This is crucial especially for businesses that handle critical information or assets that are prone to burglary and intrusions.

Ensure sufficient lighting

Lighting is an effective deterrent to break-ins and can discourage burglars, especially in the night. Exterior lighting should also help keep your employees and clients safe while they are outside the building premises. The best motion sensor light is more cost-efficient as it can help save up on electricity. These lighting only turns on when there are any movements detected.

Consider intercom system

A reliable communication system is vital to keep everyone within the building coordination. But aside from the conventional telephone, workplaces can benefit from an intercom system. Usually, these systems remain available even when the phone is down. It should help make communication among everyone in the workplace easier.

Keep confidential documents in secured storage

Classified documents and client files can be a target of intruders. As such, these documents must be stored in safes and locked cabinets. Good records processes and policies, which include handling, storage and disposal of documents, should also be established to ensure that no high-security paperwork is leaked to unwanted parties.

Install video surveillance systems

CCTV or video systems are a boon to workplace security. These surveillance systems provide a complete coverage and monitoring of the entire workplace. It provides real-time watch thereby helping you thwart any nasty plans or attempts. In the event of a successful break-in, CCTV footages can help police authorities track the culprits. It should also help identify the deficiencies in the building’s security, and implement corrective measures.

Check security of the premises

The building is not the only concern you have. You also need to ensure the security of its perimeter, including the car park, driveway, garage, and other unattached building. Post signage that will remind car owners to secure their vehicles before leaving. Install lighting and surveillance systems outside the building.

Keep everyone aware of security policies

Finally, security programs are useless if stakeholders are not involved. Conduct regular information drives and drills to keep your employees up-to-date. Encourage everyone to report any suspicious activities as well as to provide inputs on how to improve workplace security. Make reporting easier and accessible to everyone to improve employee participation.

Keeping your workplace secure is not just the sole responsibility of the management. Its success is a result of a concerted effort of the management, the employees, and everyone who uses the workplace. Everyone is part of the solution to make the facility safe and secure. The cooperation of every stakeholder is crucial to a solid workplace security.

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