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Summer Holidays in Pittsburgh: 5 Spots to Go by Car

Pennsylvania is a place where fascinating landscapes, plenty of places to relax are wonderfully connected with the history of America. Pittsburgh is one of the most attractive places in the state. This is a wonderful city located in the mid-Atlantic region next to New York. At one time it specialized in the industry, throwing a lot of pollution from its steel mills into the air.

Currently, this progressive, sprawling city with a population of over two million people is quite picturesque, and is the epicenter of student life. There are several very prestigious US universities, and many people, including enrollees and travelers, spend their summer holidays in the city.

Where to go in Pittsburgh if you got there? First, reserve your rental car from Avis Pittsburgh International Airport and check the following list of places in Pittsburgh to go by car…


(photo by dtroyka)

Fallingwater is a unique architectural landmark in Pennsylvania placed 70 km away from Pittsburgh. This country house was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1935-1937. The house is widely known as a masterpiece of organic architecture – the flow, which assumes the continuity of the architectural space and the creation of practical modern objects from natural materials, individually inscribed in the landscape.

An unusual house, laconically located in a picturesque area above Bear Falls, was created for the Kaufman family. The construction of the object with terraces hanging over the waterfall was accompanied by disputes between Kaufman Sr. and engineers and architects, with frequent doubts about the safety of the structure. Despite all the fears, the house successfully underwent test loads and was commissioned in 1937. Until 1963 it was constantly used by the Pittsburgh family Kaufman as a country residence.

Since 1964, the Fallingwater is a public museum, which is often visited by those who travel to Pittsburgh. Getting to the architectural object from Pittsburgh will take about 2 hours by car.

Address: 1491 Mill Run Rd, Mill Run, PA

The Duquesne Incline

One of the main attractions of Pittsburgh is the oldest city’s funicular. The road that carries passengers was appeared in the city in 1877, but now it’s still in excellent condition and is an iconic landmark. You can climb up to 113 meters to the observation deck on one of the legendary trailers of those times.

From the top of a hill you’ll enjoy stunning views of Pittsburgh Downtown, its skyscrapers and historic buildings, rivers and bridges. However, this is not the only funicular in Pittsburgh. Next to the old funicular you’ll see a new one, which will lift you up the mountain much faster.

Address: 1197 W Carson St, Pittsburgh, PA

Station Square

Station Square is Pittsburgh’s most popular tourist attraction. This is a large area with beautiful examples of historical architecture – old railway buildings, warehouses, located on the south side of the city.

This place is well equipped for recreation, has concert venues, night clubs, restaurants, and shopping centers. Station square has its own river pier, a railway station and several parking lots, thus you won’t have any problems with getting there.

In case you like admiring city skylines, Monongahela Incline funicular will take you to the top of a hill offering a stunning view of the central part of the city.

Address: South Shore, Pittsburgh

Drake Well Museum & Park

(photo by Bruce Gage)

Drake Well museum is situated in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, and you can easily reach it by car. The museum reveals the whole history of the development of the modern oil industry. It’s noteworthy that in this museum there is a large collection of audio and video materials, exposition of instruments and exhibitions of exploration and drilling machines that help to find oil deposits.

Visitors are offered special events and educational programs that are unique in their diversity and presentation. Here you will also be offered membership in professional communities and participation in the life of the museum.

The park of the museum features specially created cycling and hiking routes that allow you to travel around with your family, have a picnic or fishing there. The fans of an active rest will be able to try canoeing. If you prefer a relaxed journey in comfortable conditions – the national Oil Creek & Titusville Railroad is open for you. It will give you a unique experience of exploring the city by traveling by train.

Address: 202 Museum Ln, Titusville, PA

University of Pittsburgh

(photo by Ronald Woan)

Another attraction of Pennsylvania is the University of Pittsburgh. This higher educational institution has become known all over the globe thanks to its medical research.

University of Pittsburgh is considered to be the best in the list of world facilities of the corresponding type. At the moment, there are about 30,000 students studying physics, astronomy, psychology, aviation and other sciences. Many athletes, politicians and scientists are graduates of this institution.

Address: 4200 Fifth Ave, Pittsburgh, PA

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