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PCB Assembly Services-How to Choose A Reliable One

Choosing a reliable, high-quality customer service for PCB prototyping and assembly can quickly and efficiently meet your needs, while choosing the wrong one can lead to frustration, increased turnaround time and wasted costs.

In this article, we will examine the factors to consider when choosing a PCB assembly service and hope to help you choose a reliable service provider to ensure that the products you need are outstanding.

1 – Introduction to PCB Assembly

In simple terms, PCBA is the combination of the PCB plus components and electronic accessories.

The assembly of PCB can be outsourced to companies that provide PCB Assembly services. Because they specialize in assembly services, PCB assembly companies can produce high-quality PCBs with a low-cost budget and with fast turn-around time.

Furthermore, they usually have highly sophisticated facilities that make it possible for them to produce even the most complex PCBs.

2 – Factors to Consider when Selecting PCB Assembly Services

The success of a project depends on having a reliable manufacturer of PCB production and assembly services. However, do you know how to choose one from many manufacturers to suit your requirements? Next, we will list some factors that need to be considered when selecting, hope to help you get satisfactory service and products.

Alignment of Timelines

In order to save time and minimize costs, the factory has a strict schedule for each stage of production, which can lead to unnecessary cost burdens if delays occur.

Now many manufacturers can place orders online. At this time, you need to consider whether you can process your documents and give feedback in time after placing an order. How long does it take from order to production? What is the duration?

If there is any delay in any process, it will definitely affect your business and projects.

At the same time, you also need to make sure that you can provide effective cooperation to make the project progress smoothly.


Location and distance are also factors that many buyers consider, as it will affect transportation costs. But many Chinese manufacturers such as WellPCB offer online calculations, you can get shipping costs and total prices quickly. Sometimes for different countries, there are different discounts for shipping by DHL, so even if you feel that the distance is very far, the shipping price is not necessarily expensive.


Your goal is to find a PCB assembly service that fits perfectly with your job requirements, so it’s essential to choose an experienced company. You can understand some key issues to make judgments.

For example, how long they have been operating, where are the sources of components they use to assemble, and which companies have long-term cooperation or have either completed some projects, whether the staff is professional enough, etc.


When choosing a manufacturer, I believe that you are most concerned about quality issues, but how can you assess the quality of PCBA?

You need to consider these three points when evaluating:

1. Machinery and Capability: Machinery and capability: How are the company’s fabrication capabilities and equipment? Usually, customers can apply to visit the factory so that you can better understand their workflow and manufacturing capabilities as well as enhance credibility.

2.Certifications: Before getting certified, a third-party recognized body does an independent review of the services offered by a company. Therefore, certifications assure you that the practices of the company are in line with the best standards. For instance, an ISO 9001:2015 certification is used to certify that a quality management system is in place. 

3.Customer Feedback: The feedbacks that a company has received is a good indication of the quality of services that they render. You should do your research to find out whether previous clients were satisfied with the delivery of the company. 

The solution to this problem is to place a next trial order, a small batch order. If you are satisfied with the results, you can consider letting them mass production.


The factors affecting the price include the size of the order, the difficulty of production, the number of components and assembly process, and transportation costs.

You can make an approximate budget before ordering. You must know that the price and quality must be directly proportional. The quality of the assembly service with low price and fast construction time must be unqualified.

To avoid post-production or delay in your project, it is recommended that you weigh the relationship between price and quality and choose a reasonable cost to complete the quality assembly service. 

3 – Pricing of PCB Assembly

The price of a PCB assembly depends on several factors. Some of the notable ones include:

Order volume

The larger the volume of your order, the higher the price it is. However, most companies have discounted prices for larger bulk order. 

Project Requirement

It is quite obvious that your specifications will affect the pricing, higher quality, extra testing, and complicated design attract higher costs. 

Resources Provided

If you supply the assembler with the resources necessary, they won’t need to purchase them. Therefore, a lower assembly cost will result.

However, if the PCB assembly company has to purchase all the resources, it will attract a higher cost.

An interplay of all these factors will determine the final cost of your project.

4 – Conclusion

If you want to remain competitive in the market, manufacturers must stand firm with quality and strength.

So we discussed several important factors to consider to ensure that each customer can choose a reliable PCB assembly service, and the quality requirements of the product are absolutely uncompromising.

If you’re ready to get high-quality PCB assembly, you’re in the right place. Kindly click here to get an instant quote.

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