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Paid Advertising Strategies for Ecommerce

It seems to be obvious that an online store cannot bring megabucks at the first day of launch. However, this feeling is likely to leave new businessmen no longer than after a week. They suddenly start realizing that ecommerce marketing platform doesn’t change a lot if you don’t have advertising strategy.

Design and seo are perfect ways to attract your clients. But their main disadvantage is that they need time to bring results to you. There is no other way than go to advertising to speed up the process of delivering good products and getting money for it.

H1 Why we need advertising?

You may have got prepared to even the most unrealistic scenarios, however, there are cases that become evident only when your first clients come to you: broken url, unclear product description, system fail and so on.

Your plans for sales may not strike for first time and advertising is to detect what was wrong with these digits. it may be cooling to create more realistic plan for the numbers.

Actually, sell. Your progress can be not so quick, but there is nothing better to understand that the process is anyway going.

How not to fail?

You may feel already exhausted just from thoughts you have to do for your shop while you have just started. But a word “plan” can save your nerves at least a little bit.

Watching famous giant from your area may demotivate, but you do need time and patience here, as they also had their way from the beginning and obscurity.

Go step by step to decrease the amount of painful results and when you feel to have better understanding of the processes, you can climb to a next stage.

H2 Step 1. Mind your traffic

Google Analytics is one of the best thing when we talk about audience coming. However, the situation becomes a bit more complicated when we talk about direct visits, referrals or from social medias. No reason to worry, add some extra parameters to your links at the end to count them all.

H2 Step 2. Retargeting

People will be more loyal to you when they have already been in your store and saw your products. It will be cheaper and simply to persuade them to come back, rather than attracting new audience.

Facebook and google are very popular here. The difference is that the former one will locate your ads in terms of the network, while the second one has a variety of side websites of different topics and areas. Retargeting is used only for those who have visited your shop, but hasn’t ordered from you.

The ads you show to this group should be different from regular clients and newcomers. It can be reminder what people were looking at and a tempting offer to make an order. Value to such add can be gained by limiting the time for the offer availability.

H2 Step 3. Google can go shopping

The principle is the same as when people search for something like “how to quit smoking”, but instead of links to the website, your client will see a short image with a price and store name.

Google Shopping is very popular among advertisers due to small amount of work you will need to do: just give AdWords file with your products and all the staff with keywords matching and ads creation will be done automatically.

H2 Step 4: a store on Facebook – an option for those who have time

In spite of having over 60 million of users, this place is not very fast for selling. Here people prefer spend time for relaxing and not for shopping. That’s why you will need 3-5 times to show your ad for the clients to feel interest in it. Play with the setting “Interests” and Facebook Audience Insights to find your audience.

H2 Step 5. Paid search

People google a particular thing and find your store at the top position of search results. There is always a mark “advertisement” near them, however, it can be not really important for vast majority of people.

It will work if you can’t wait and want results asap. But it has just a small touch with SEO: the more popular keywords you use, the more expensive the ads are. You may get higher ranking from search engines, but a lot of magic will disappear at the moment you will stop investing it.

Write us in a couple of weeks how your things are going after implementation of 2-3 methods. We will help you to improve your ecommerce advertising strategy.

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