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Need For Women’s Bike – A Complete Overview

When it comes to cycling, a question may arise in the minds of the women that whether or not they need any women-specific bike. Although there is not any definite answer, a few companies come with some specific model for women depending on the data collected on the average female body.

The physical structure of men and women is quite different in regards to the height, shoulder structure and muscle mass. By considering these facts, the hybrid bikes for women are built with shorter top tubes and minimized stem lengths. It provides a more comfortable ride if you are shorter than the average height of people.

However, many female cyclists prefer a more stretched-out riding position. Therefore, a few brands offer male and unisex frames. The unisex frames are designed with narrower bars, swallower drops slimmer grips and shorter cranks.

Get the Best Fit

No matter which type of bike you go for, it is required to fit you perfectly. Here are some points to go through to make sure of buying a bike that fits you better.

  • Frame

The length of the top tube is important when it comes to considering the frame. It should not be so long to make you feel too stretched out, which may lead you to the wrist, back and neck pain. That is why women specific bikes came into existence, which is made with shorter top tubes. However, every woman does not need specific featured bikes.

  • Saddle

The more comfortable the saddle is, the better your ride and performance will be. A good saddle provides support to the sit bones to relieve pressure on the soft tissue. Saddle brands manufacture saddles with a distinct width. So, whatever is the gender of the cyclist, he or she can opt for the saddle size that suits their sit bones.

  • Cranks

The ideal crank size depends on the factors including femur length, riding style, and power. Most of the bikes come with cranks of 165, 170, 172 and 175 mm long. Cyclists with average height should opt for 165 or 170 mm crank.

  • Handlebar

The handlebar should have the same width as your shoulders, to provide perfect control and comfort. However, it needs a bit exception in mountain bikes, which should have comparatively wider bars.

  • Stem

The too short or too long stem may cause lower back, wrist or neck pain. So, it should allow you to reach the handlebars comfortably by bending slightly. In the case of road and hybrid bikes, you can feel twitchy if the stem length is less than 80 mm.

  • Wheels

Women are lighter while comparing to men. The lighter the rider is, the greater the proportion can be handled by the bike. For greater performance, the bike should have as little mass as possible. Lightweight wheels are the best ways to reduce the weight of the bike.   

  • Suspension

Most mountain bikes and a few hybrid bikes consist of suspension, a coil or air spring to allow the front and rear wheels move over uneven ground. The suspension can be set up depending on the weight of the rider, to fit the rider best. As women are mostly lighter than men, there is a big difference between suspensions fit them.

Final Thoughts:

Although women-specific bikes work well in some women, those are not good for every woman. It depends on the anatomical shape of the person, and it is essential to opt for a bike which fits the rider best. If you are going to buy a new bike as a female cyclist, you can choose women-specific or unisex bikes as per your physical structure.

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