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How to Increase self-worth and Add Value to the Society

Self-worth describes how much value you place on yourself or what you consider that you deserve because of certain features, abilities, and attribute that you possess. This human value is not automatic, though. It is built and developed with time and various self-conscious efforts. And really, a person’s self-worth complements the value they are able to add to the society. So, how can you increase your self-worth and ability to add values to the society? Here are some tips.

1. Understand yourself:

The first step to building self-worth is to understand one’s self. You should know yourself, the values you have, what you can do, and what you might not be capable of. Understanding yourself gives you a sense of self-acknowledgment. Ask yourself, what if you don’t have any of the materials or resources at your disposal, today, can you still be of service unto any purpose?

2. Develop your ability:

If there is something you are good at, or you desire to do, don’t waste time; go for it. Developing your skills unto perfection and expanding your abilities appreciate your value per worth. So, with every opportunity you get, try to invest appreciable values into yourself.

3. Look like what you want:

If you want people to respect and honor you based on what you possess, you have to look like it. Appearance can be delusional; a common person can look royal and a king like look like a commoner. Hence, you have to complement your values with looks.

4. Develop your love for yourself:

Have you ever heard of the golden rule –to love? Oh, yeah. You have to understand and develop your love for yourself. Loving yourself helps you to know the extent to which you can care for yourself and appreciate yourself. The same goes for adding value to the community. If you do not understand how to love and care for yourself, then you haven’t gotten the heart of what service is all about. A person who understands self-love is more profitable for value-adding services.

5. Be strong with your choices:

The values and respect given to a person are based on the self-worth and value that people perceived of such person. Hence, you have to be selective with the things you do and the choices you make. When you consider something is demeaning to your personality, just let it go. Let people be able to tell when you can do something that has to do with your values and when you can’t, no matter how public; know your worth and stay true to your words.

6. Take on Responsibilities for yourself and for others:

A person who wants to have strong self-worth must be a doer; s/he must learn to take responsibilities for themselves and those who matter. It shows that there is a ready ability to serve. When you groom your shoulder for responsibilities, you understand your potential, your strengths, and how to amplify them. This heart of responsibility is the fulcrum upon which adding values to the society rests.

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