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How to Convert Raw Partition to NTFS

It’s already a fact that losing files and documents can be very devastating, more so if they are so dear to us such as pictures, music, materials, and other important files. However having a RAW partition is something that is unpredictable and can take one by surprise, yes there are ways to prevent it from happening, but if you have a partition in a hard drive such that the drive needs to be formatted before use, how do you fix it without losing your data? This poses a severe challenge for a lot of computer users. Fortunately, in this article, you will get to all there is to know to convert Raw partition to NFTS.

The Need to Convert RAW Partition to NTFS

When there is a partition in a hard drive such as USB flash drive, external hard drive, memory card, and any other device, it becomes RAW such that it becomes inaccessible to the user. In such a case, you will need to format the device before you can gain access to it.

But herein lies the problem, formatting your device will most probably fix the issue of a RAW partition, but in that process, you would have lost all your documents and files. What then is the essence if you lose everything? Hence, there is a need to first recover your files and documents before proceeding to format; in this way, you will be safe from permanently losing your data. To recover Raw partition, there is a need first to convert the Raw partition to NTFS to enable it to become accessible for your perusal and use.

Converting From RAW Partition to NTFS Without Loss of Data

While trying to fix a defective hard drive, there may need to format the drive and turn the RAW to NFTS. In doing this, though, you need not lose your data; let’s see how this can be done. You can download Recoverit recovery tool. Recovery tools help you repair damaged partition by recovering your entire document from your RAW drive and placing them in another device before formatting is done. The tool specially designed for the recovery of stored data is best for the restoration of any data, whether lost, inaccessible, deleted, or formatted.

In just three simple steps, recovery software will restore all your lost data and also help fix your storage device, all you need do is download the software, install, and launch and watch your data come back, it’s that easy!

First Step: Find the location of the RAW hard drive

  • Once located, download recovery software and then launch on your computer or laptop
  • After ensuring that the Raw hard drive can be seen on your computer and that the drive letter on your disk map is appropriately listed, launch the software
  • Choose the scan option by left-clicking on the defective Raw drive
  • Allow it scan; this may take a while so you will need to be a bit patient. As the scanning process proceeds, you will be shown the data that is being worked on per time
  • You have the choice to pause and select the file once it gets to the part you want to be recovered, but its best to allow the process to come to an end
  • Once the scan has been completed, select the files you wish to restore and click on the “recover” option
  • Ensure you save the file in a new storage location to avoid overwriting by another file which will lead to permanent loss of the data

Second Step: Convert RAW to NTFS by Formatting

Once your data has been recovered, you are free to format as your file is safe somewhere now. To convert Raw Partition to NTFS, you can choose to make use of Disk Management, CMD or format, either way, will work effectively.

To format your defective hard drive, click on the selected files, and choose the option “format.” Wait till the format has been completed. Recoverit has tips and videos that you will need to follow step by step to help you out if ever you come across any form of difficulty.

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